Thursday, 10 December 2009

BLOB V: the Vampire Imperative !!!

Yes, folks, that's right: it's the mythical one BLOB film that is actually good and comes before 'BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite'.  It's 'BLOB V: the Vampire Imperative'!!!  This film, from the year MMV, pits our Hero BLOB against a ruthless supermodel vampire box-factory-proprietor from Europe, Vampiro the Destroyer!!!  And even more mythically and continuity-ously important, this is the crucible film where the 'Hero BLOB' series and the 'Vampire Blob' series meet!  This is the FIRST APPEARANCE OF VAMPIRE BLOB!!!!!!!!!  So head on over to and watch it, RIGHT NOW.  I can guarantee that you won't regret watching this, which is more than I can say for some of my films!  I can also guarantee that you WILL regret NOT watching this film, as you will then be unprepared when VAMPIRE BLOB COMES FOR YOU!!!!  

Enjoy this vampire film!  (See, that was a vampire imperative.)

-Schedel 'Makes Vampire Films Because his Name Means Skull' Luitjen

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

BLOB 3: Dance of the Spider Freak

Another golden oldie from the Hero BLOB vaults: that's right, it's Hero BLOB 3: Dance of the Spider Freak!!  Never before seen online, it was originally filmed around 2004 (or 2005), and is of significantly lower quality than my current work, as you will see from watching it.  Nonetheless, it is an important chapter in the Hero BLOB saga, the first movie in which BLOB actually kills a villain(s).  You'll have to watch to see which villain it is...  enjoy!!


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hag Lady Bobo: COMPLETED!!!

Yes, dear ones, yes.  It's time... time to see the fruits of my four or five days of labor!!  Observe: HAG LADY BOBO!!!!!!

Follow this link to see the all-new, all-hag masterpiece from Schedel Luitjen, your favorite Hero BLOB creator.  For all of you timeline buffs, this takes place during the events of BLOB 8: Uchuu Ocho (as yet unfilmed), and serves as a link between the 'Hero BLOB' series and the 'Cloudman' series (and I will be uploading some Cloudman comics when I get home to Texas in a few days, so that those of you who want to see the glory of Cloudman can).

So anyway, this is just a draft, really, but I had to have it finished for its premiere at an art exhibition for the Yellerzine, a local art society's magazine.  Incidentally, the exhibition and magazine both featured material by me (Broken Vessel part 1 in the magazine, this movie at the exhibition) and by Brett Heasman (his newly written Socratic dialogue, which is hilarious!).  So it was like a nebulous reunion of the Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror cast members!

Anyway, the premiere was great, I got some good feedback, and I'm very glad I managed to make the movie in about four days!  Good to know, as well, that I can go without sleeping for 3 days straight!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!

PS You can also access it in the BLOBlinks section of the page, on the right!!---->

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Dear Friends,
   Yes, it was another night without sleep, only this time I had much less reason.  I stayed up late with my flatmates watching stupid British music videos, all the while constructing my plasticine creations for the night's work.  Then, when all had abandoned this sphere for the realms of sleep, I began.  My picture count on my camera is well over 3000, I think, so that should mean that I took roughly around 1000 pics tonight (not sure about that, but hey).  I was really happy with how some of the final shots came out, as I was testing out a (to me) novel lighting technique which was inspired by Murnau and Gran Torino.  So anyway, God provides!  It turns out that I only need sleep every other day; I suppose this is the inevitable conclusion to my progressively deepening lack of the necessity of sleep over the last three years.  I think it was St. Antony, the Desert Father, who said that a good monk should need only an hour of sleep a night.  Perhaps I would make a good monk!  Can't wait to start my own monastery!!! (Maybe in Florence.  Or Sorrento.  Or on an island of Lake Victoria.  It would have to be somewhere warm, so that we wouldn't have to wear those ugly, huge robe things.  It's tunics or nothing (actually, that sounds dodgy.  I meant 'it's tunics or something else, but not a lack of clothes)).  Anyway...  some more pics on the way, maybe today!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

First Pictures: Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body!!

Dear friends: here are some photos, the first ever from my new movie, 'Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body'- enjoy!  And keep in mind, these photos are from before I completed the details on these stopmotion paper-cutouts, so they'll theoretically look better in the actual frames from the movie!!

This is Vincent VanTrovier, who features prominently in the movie, on the phone.

This is an early form of the TaskBaseShip, a spaceship from the film.

Hag Lady Bobo (Hag Form) and Penny VanTrovier/Nimbus

The HagSoul of Hag Lady Bobo; this is the form she has after the events of BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite, when her body is destroyed.

Penny VanTrovier (maiden name Nimbus); she is essentially the star of the story.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

More Stopmotion Madness!

Yeah, it's only 5:55 a.m., but I'm done stopmotioning for the night.  I got a lot done today, of significantly higher quality than yesterday's work; it's all coming back to me.  And I managed to get the camera to give me the right colors today, so that's great too.  

Pictures soon, fo real!  But I think you should know, I took more than 1200 pictures of this stuff this evening, so I'm too tired to upload it!!


Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body

It's currently 8:37 a.m., and I have yet to sleep one wink.  Why, you ask?  Well, knowing me as well as you do, you should know that the only thing that can keep me up past 7:00 a.m. is STOP-MOTION!!  I absolutely love the stuff, and once I start, I have some difficulty stopping.  Or stopping-motion, if you will.  What's that you say?  You won't?  Ah well.

Anyway, the stop-motion was for a new project I'm working on, called 'Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body', which bridges the narratorial gap between Hag Lady Bobo as seen in the Hero BLOB series and Hag Lady Bobo as seen in the Cloudman comic series.  It's really rather short, and was originally planned as part of the 'Hero BLOB 8: BLOB Uchuu Ocho' movie (which has stalled in development), but I needed to do something short, as I have a very short time before it must be finished.  

The movie is going to be projected on the wall at a launch party for a local art magazine called 'Yellerzine', whose first issue this year features part one of my comic series 'Broken Vessel'.  They wanted something animated to show on the wall, and I happen to have hands to animate with!  Admittedly, it's been rushed so far, and parts of it aren't my best stop-motion work (it's been well over a year since the last time I stop-motioned!), but it's shaping up, and Hag Lady Bobo's soul is terrifying.  I'll tell you all about it in a future post, and then I'll treat you to some exclusive preview photos, which will probably just confuse you.  Ah well, could be worse!  Your nose could be gushing blood!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Hero BLOB Christmas Special 1

Hey, everybody,
   Sorry about the sporadic posting, but good news now!  I've finished the script for 'The Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas', a short, Christmas-related thing I've been thinking of writing for three years.  There exists some footage for it in movie form, but Nick and I are too busy with other projects in the winter times to finish it, so the new script is entirely made for radio!!  Hopefully, I'll record it soon and have it ready before the actual Christmas time! 

The play itself revolves around BLOB's quest to find out what the true meaning of Christmas truly is, and it features the most spectacular battle ever: SANTA vs. SATAN.  Who will win?  Find out soon!!!

Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen Online!!

Hey, everybody!  Interestingly, I've run into almost every cast member of the hit play, 'Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen' in the last two days, including Samuel J. Taunton ( who played doctor Doctor Von Blimpo in the play, and whom you may know as the voice of Vampire Blob in 'Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob!'), Ruth Appleby (Precious Jim, Mayor Stephen Kettle, Mad Flamethrower Person, Lucy the Paramedic Lady from the Streets of Havana), Martha McGill (Tuna Head, Die-Cotyledon), and Kate Roberts (the Red-Head), and, of course, myself, Schedel Luitjen (BLOB, Narrator, Joe Gooblegop, Rick McStanmyer).  So I thought, 'why not put that play on the internet?'  So I am doing that now.  It's in terrible quality, which I'm trying to fix, but for now, here it is in all its grainy quality!

Please note that the beginning of the play footage is from the dress rehearsal night (thus no laughter occurs here), and the rest is from the actual performance!

Here it is, available only on Veoh, because the file size was too big to put it directly on here.  I'm afraid you'll only be able to watch a 5-minute preview unless you become a Veoh member, but that's free, so I'd suggest that.

If anyone wants to download the full file without Veoh, they can just email me at , and I can post a link.

PS the opening titles song is from Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain, and is the property of Toei Corporation; I do not own it, nor did I make it.


Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hey all, 
  Apologies for the inexcusable lack of posts recently!  I really am going to make it up to you now, by giving you a special sneak-preview of some stuff I'm hoping to get published around town soon!  This is a short, one-page comic strip made to be serialized on a bi-weekly basis!  I've done a few of the pencils so far for a Jack-in-the-box-man comic series, and now I've also done the pencils for the first issue of 'Son of Vampire Blob!'  Yes, you knew it would be coming, you perhaps thought it would be a short film, but no-- here it is as a serialized news strip!  So, without further ado, here it is!!!   Or anyway, here are the pencils... oh, and by the way, read from the bottom frame upward!  Sorry, I can't get them in order!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Update: Vampire Blob Returns

Another update-- I worked on VBR at lunch today, and I have finally gotten to the part where Vampire Blob first meets Doctor Faustus! Now, I just can't wait till I get to Lord Byron's part... featuring the first mention of Augusta in the BLOB continuity! Hooray, more incest!! Look forward to it!

And don't forget- you can email me at


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Update: Vampire Blob Returns

Dearest readers,
Just updating you on the progress of the newest VB entry, Vampire Blob Returns. I'm still writing it, albeit slowly; I have this job (shock!) and it takes up an awful lot of time. However, I do hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

And, even more excitingly, I have confirmed the involvement of Stephen Potts; he will play Doctor Faustus for me!!! Hooray! So here's the confirmed cast list so far:

Vampire Blob: Nicolas Nadeau
Doctor Faustus: Stephen Potts
Lord Byron: Schedel Luitjen

More updates as they come!


Monday, 29 June 2009

Update: Vampire Blob Projects

So, I thought I should let you all know that I am now actively in the process of writing another Vampire Blob sequel, this the first Vampire Blob project to be written for.... the STAGE!!!

I may have a venue this summer, thanks to the ever-resourceful and Blobtabulous Nicolas Nadeau (whose birthday is tomorrow, btw, but too bad if you want to celebrate it with him- he's hanging out with ME). Therefore, I am writing and writing, carrying my script notebook with me wherever I go. This short little beauty will be called:

Vampire Blob Returns: Vampire Blob vs. Doctor Faustus!

I hope to get series mainstays Nicolas Nadeau and Stephen Potts cast in the main roles of Vampire Blob and Doctor Faustus respectively (although I have not yet communicated with Mr. Potts concerning this), and I myself plan to reprise my role as the indomitable, insatiable Lord Byron!

Meanwhile, I have fully planned my short, stop-motion animated film Son of Vampire Blob!, which takes place in continuity right before the events of Vampire Blob Returns, but also quite a long time after, due to the effects of time travel. I hope for it to be about 8 minutes long, and a real tear-jerker (yeah, right).

Meanwhile, I'm also sending off a copy of Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror off to another film festival today or tomorrow, so pray for that! Also, I may have a venue to show that movie off again in San Antonio this summer, so LOOK OUT!!!

Update: CLOUDMAN 10th Anniversary!!!

My dear friends:

Did you know that Cloudman, my most prolifically authored hero (70 + stories), was created almost ten years ago? That's right, it was September of 1999 when he was created, as far as I can calculate it. Cloudman, who gained his powers when a piece of the sun fell on top of him, can fly, shoot lightning bolts, and wear a snazzy outfit, among many other amazing abilities. Everyone's favorite liquidy friend, Hero BLOB, originated as a side-character in Cloudman comics, so you can imagine how great Cloudman is!!

To celebrate this momentous 10th anniversary, I have a whole slew of things lined up for the good ol' heroblob heroblog, including the planned scanning in of several episodes of the Cloudman comic, and the hopeful uploading of the most recent Cloudman movie (not very recent)! All of this will lead up to the biggest celebratory bash ever created, when the actual anniversary is celebrated in September!

Even more shocking, I've actually been actively working on a new issue of the Cloudman comic in the original continuity in the past weeks. This is the first time in over three years... let that sink in.... that I have actively pursued this continuity. I have, in the past couple of years, worked on a newly re-done version of the continuity, the first issue of which I hope to finish inking before the celebration, so that I can distribute it to my loyal fans! But now I'm back to finishing the original saga, and I'm fairly near to the end, so woohoo!!

Anyway, that's all on Cloudman for now; check often for updates!!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Update on BLOB projects

It's been too long, loyal Blobs and Blobettes! I've been busy with various finals and flights to America. You know, the usual.

But now here I am again, with an update featuring my newest special technical device for stop-motion excellence. I don't have a picture of it with me, so that will be coming soon. In the meantime, I'll give you the lowdown on the background to this device.

I like to watch NHK World TV, according to Kay Kondor the 'most boring news channel ever', and when watching it the other day I saw a wonderful short paper-animation with very impressive depth of field; I thought, at first, that it was CG-assisted, but the intrepid animator explained his ingenuity: multiple layers of glass in a lightbox provided platforms on which to set his paper-animation layers; actual depth creates the illusion of depth in the animation.

So yesterday i created my own version, as backward and unsophisticated as it is, out of shoeboxes and plastic sheets. And, as far as I can tell, it's going to work perfectly. I'll have a photo or video up soon.

I also began a storyboard for a new Cloudman movie, called 'Cloudman and the Frozen Earth'. Rather than beginning again at the beginning of the Cloudman saga, I decided to skip ahead to right after I left off when I stopped actively drawing the comic series, after the 'Time King Saga'. I think this will be more interesting for me and get me actually to finish something Cloudman-related.

In the meantime, I still haven't typed up the completed script for BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion. Oh well...

See you soon!


Friday, 1 May 2009

Firenze: an Inspiring Place

Yo, all:

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I had a lengthy trip to Florence and Naples, where I saw incredible things and was generally crazy with my flatmate and my friend.  The good news is that I read the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius on the trip, and have now decided that I must someday make a movie of it.  Also, I've been inspired to create a new book/poem/comic/play series entitled Polygamy Honeymoon, which will be about a group of friends who have to pretend to be married, in order to get discounts on hotel rates, etc.  It will undoubtedly become a bestselling travel guide.

I had a wonderful time in Italy, and I was incredibly sad to be back in Edinburgh, to the point that I was yelling and moaning in the street all during the walk home from the train station.  I have barely eaten anything since my return, because the food here is generally disgusting, and I have been wearing shorts, even though it has been very cold.  I'm in denial, what can I say?  Ah well.  

I worked on my short story "Guardian Divel" today; in the part I'm currently writing, Raphael the Archangel has descended into Hell to tell Lucifer that he has to be a young boy's guardian angel.  This story has been lurking in my mind for a couple of years now, and I'm very excited that it's finally showing its face.

I also read what I had written a few weeks ago for a story called 'Ben Darvell, Brucolax', and I think that I shall go in a very different direction with it from now on, combining it with another story I had in mind.

Throughout all of this, I am keeping in mind that all of my inspiration and what skill I have comes from God; let all the glory for my stories go to Him!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Fish Story: Canto I: completed!!

Hey there, everybody!  In a storm of creativity, inspired by reading some Byron, Milton, and Vergil, and assisted by divine help in the form of inspiration and spiritual upliftedness, I've been able to start a new project very quickly.  On Saturday night (literally Sunday morning), in the shower, I was suddenly inspired to write a new story; the details came to me with rapidity, and I shortly thereafter wrote down the outline.  Then, on Sunday night (literally Monday morning), I finished the BLOB 11 script, leaving my writing slate relatively blank for the moment (I decided to wait a couple of days before continuing on the semi-complete BLOB 12 script).  So, today, after exchanging some money for my upcoming trip to Italia (yay- tomorrow! literally today), I sat down in a cafe and started to write.  The pen moved quickly, seemingly on its own, and, after transferring from Costa to Starbuck's (don't want to stay in one cafe too long!), I finally finished the first Canto of this super-long poem, all in one day!!  Canto I is 173 lines long, and contains the first part of a story about a fish named Fish who wishes for nothing in the world more than to be caught, cooked in a fine restaurant, and enjoyed as a delicacy by a human.  

I'm very excited about the project, and even more excited that it's happening so quickly!  It's like my hand is moving on its own, compelled by some outside force (oooooooohhhh) and writing poetry all by itself!!  Anywho, I may publish the canto here after I have a chance to edit it and clean it up a bit, so watch this blog!!!

Italiam fato profugus Laviniaque venio!

And yes, that is a complete destruction of Vergil's work, and yes, I did completely mess up the meter.  Auspicious sign for the quality of my own poetry? ...hmm....

BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion: Completed!!!

Hey there!!  Last night, after 3 a.m., having watched about 10 episodes of Power Rangers and a Vincent Price movie (Masque of the Red Death), I finally completed the script for BLOB 11!!!  I am so relieved, and happy with how it turned out in the end.  Now I just need to type it up and send it to my usual first critic (Nick) to make sure it lives up to our standards.  

The play/sitcom stars BLOB and Chilipepperman as they seek out BLOB's roots in Blobton, Kentucky, and fall right into the middle of a family feud dating from BLOB's youth.  Who will win?  The Normalsmans and their new son, Bob (BLOB) Normalsman?  The Zorningtons, with their dazzling young belle, Blobette?  The Cyber-Mummy, with his mysterious and deadly plans?  Find out by reading/seeing the play/movie!!!!  Coming soon.  I also sketched out  a little poster plan, based on the poster of the Bride of Frankenstein (starring LORD BYRON).  Here is a photo of my rough (extremely rough, in fact) sketch:  Actually, the photo ended up at the beginning of this post.  Oh well, there it is.  I'm also uploading onto the side thingy an illustration from within the text of the first meeting between BLOB and Blobette.  How romantic.  

Anywho, the script is done!  Hooray!  Now I just have to decide what medium it will be, and convince a venue to host it!  Easy as pie, one hopes.  Now I just have to thank God, without whose constant inspiration, I could not write anything.  Thank you, God!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A New Project

So yesterday a new project idea came to me, and I wrote a two-page treatment.  I think it would work as a movie, but I'm not sure when it would possibly come about.

It's called 'Jason and Alicia: a Goat-Song', and it deals with a comatose man meeting his own comic-book creations in a dream state.

That's all I want to give away at this point, but I really like the project, so maybe I'll reveal more soon!

In the meantime, I'm planning on possibly finishing the script for 'BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion' today at a cafe, so hurrah!  Look forward to it!

BLOBtabulously yours,

Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Pain of Filmmaking

How, dear reader, how does one go from creating an indubitably about-to-win-awards film one second to lying in a spiky, poisonous plant and a bed of glass the next?  Well, any of you who know me or have had filming experience with me can easily answer that: firstly, one needs to be Schedel, or to be in his near proximity, and nextly one need only let nature run its course.  My filmmaking career is rife with near-maimings, falls presumably to doom, and more than one instance of one filmmaker kicking another in the face (sorry, Nick).  So it does not come as a surprise anymore when I have a day like this Friday.  

By all means, it was an amazing filming day.  Edinburgh's weather had uncharacteristically cleared up, and there were few clouds in the sky as I trekked up to the Crags, the cliffy area near Arthur's Seat, to film more footage for my and Brett Heasman's upcoming silent film, tentatively titled 'The Path to Clarity is a Murky Water'.  We got a looooooot of filming done, and the principal photography for the movie is now nearly complete.  But we also had some harrowing accidents and near-miss swipes from the Hand of Fate.  

It's all well and good filmmaking in the beautiful outdoors, until you get some cliffs involved.  The first mishap occurred when I, wearing the worst-tractioned shoes possible (the multicolor Blend ones I got on the family trip to Venice), decided to follow Brett down a short cliff to get a better angle.  Immediately, I slipped and, to save the camera, sacrificed my arms, catching myself in a crevasse by pointing my elbows outwards.  A resounding crack was probably heard in Glasgow as the skin was flayed off of my elbows and I lowered myself down the rest of the way.  I was fine, though, and Brett kindly inquired whether I was okay, and we continued to film.

The next mishap was the most memorable of the day, as I began to film Brett climbing our specially-made, wood-and-plaster cliff that we commissioned for the film.  As you can see from the first shot in the following video, all was going well; although Brett's feet were only about 8 or 9 feet from the ground, he looked like he was high in the air.  Not until I had the bright idea of following him up the cliff for a better angle did things all go wrong:

Now, as you can see, my bare arms were stabbed by the copious poisonous thorns of what I would like to dub the 'Scotland Crap-Bush', a perennial foe of mine from my many nocturnal excursions up the mountainous hill of Arthur's Seat.  I sustained minimal damage, and was soon back on my feet for a much longer day of filming! 

 Now, I'll just throw this in for good measure: the whole thing reminded me rather a lot of the 'Same Difference Dance Competition Debacle', wherein I, filming the almost unspeakably embarrassing dance number below for a competition with famous (I swear) brother-sister singing team Same Difference, slipped and fell in the mud, alone, in Princes' Street Gardens, with numberless angry Glaswegians looking on and shouting what I can only assume were lewd obscenities (but who can understand the Scottish?).  So enjoy my fruitless embarrassment (since Same Difference never did announce the winner for the contest) below:

Now wasn't that all worth it?  I dare say so.  And really, it didn't turn out any worse than the infamous 'Chocolate Sauce Bleeding Mouth' incident, did it, Nick?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Judy Sunshine Is Dead.

Thought you all might be interested in seeing Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves's new music video, as featured in Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2.  Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home!  Or, as the band would prefer me to say, despair at its coming and listen to it outside, where the harsh elements of this uncaring Earth can eat away at your soul and body.

BLOB 11 Update!

Oh my goodness, I have worked on BLOB 11 so much today, it's insane.  I spent the ENTIRE DAY after my early morning class working on this play whilst sitting in Starbuck's (and working on my Latin essay, of course!).  I've written several more scenes, and I've finalized the plotline I'm going to follow till the end.  There ended up being a few twists I didn't quite see coming, and I really like the way the thing is turning out.  I think I may finish it today or tomorrow, although I'm becoming sidetracked by working on my essay (due Monday!).  

I've included some rough illustrations in my script, which I may make into fully-fledged drawings sometime soon and post up here.  In the meantime, here's the lowdown on most of the dramatis personae:

BLOB (a.k.a. Hero BLOB, 'Bob Normalsman') - he's the same BLOB we all know and love, involved in a complicated scheme to defraud the government and avoid paying taxes while  still retaining the post of Space Sheriff that he got from Mayor Kettle in BLOB IX.

Chilipepperman- he's accompanying BLOB on his quest to return to Blobton and find his family.  One can imagine his annoyance when he becomes embroiled in BLOB's crazy plans.

Valerie Normalsman- matriarch of the wealthy Normalsman family, she loves buying Praba brand clothing, especially in black (she is a grieving widow, after all).

Stacy Normalsman- the youngest Normalsman sibling, with a bit of a thing for hot peppers...

Se~nor Zornington- a fat, possum-eatin' daddy in the Zornington family, who lives in a small shack across the street from the Normalsman mansion.

Blobette Zornington- a 'beautiful' girl that bears a striking resemblance to BLOB, and may bear a few feelings for him, as well...

Cyber-Mummy- no-one knows much about this abomination of circuits and bolts that stalks the swamps of Blobton.

Emanuhop Zornington- the Zorningtons' long-lost son; no-one knows what has become of him in the many years since his disappearance as a toddler.

Bob Normalsman- is BLOB really the long-lost Normalsman son?  Only time will tell.

So there you have it- a foretaste of the newest BLOB experience, BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BLOB 11 Update!

I've been working more on BLOB 11 today, in Starbuck's on the Royal Mile.  I'm really happy with how it's going, and the plan for the plot is almost completely finished now!  I just introduced the Stable Boy, sure to become a fan favorite, and BLOB's 'mother', Valerie Normalsman.  I've also made some sketches today of what I want the stage to be like, so it should be a blast!  

But a new plan is forming; whether or not it will be accomplished is another question.  I think I'd like to film the play as though it were a live television filming- have 2 or 3 cameras going simultaneously, focusing on different characters, as the actors act out the scenes live, interspersed with cut-scenes of stuff impossible to do on stage.  If I can successfully market this as an 'Extraordinary' play at Bedlam, then I think I could pull it off, with the help of my talented friends in the biz.  And good ol' God, of course.  

Now where am I going to get a giant, BLOB-shaped bag of sand and a flamethrower??


Monday, 23 March 2009

Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob! Listen to it here!!

Here it is, folks: Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob!, the full version of the amazing radio show that was performed live on the air of Edinburgh's FreshAir Radio on Halloween night, 2008.  Just press play and listen to this fearful performance!  This is the sequel to the silent film Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror, but it is not necessary to have seen that film in order to enjoy this play.  If you would like to see it, though, simply look out for the next post to see a link!

The Cast:
Vampire Blob: Samuel J. Taunton
Julia: Kate Deans
Hero BLOB: Schedel Luitjen
Mayor Kettle: Ruth Appleby
Selene: Schedel Luitjen
Lord Byron: Schedel Luitjen
Narrator: Schedel Luitjen
Jim Barclay: Samuel J. Taunton
Apollo Schwanson: himself

with music by Brett Heasman
Special thanks to Johnny Brick for commissioning the play for FreshAir Radio,
and to God.

BLOB 12 Update!

Dear friends, 
      Just to let you know, the writing of the script for BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB is going well.  A few key scenes were written a couple of weeks ago for this radio play, alternately titled BLOB 12: Final BLOB.  I'm going back now and rewriting a couple of the scenes, though, because I feel that Chilipepperman acted a bit out of character in them, and the plot was feeling too rushed.  So there's yet a long road ahead for the 'Final' BLOB.  Stay tuned here for updates, loyal fans!!


Did You Know? 4

Did you know?  It was rumored earlier this year that Power Rangers RPM (season 17) would be the final season of the long-running Power Ranger series.  Needless to say, this was devastating news to children everywhere and to me, because one of my highest dreams has always been to play a ranger on TV someday. 

But I'm glad to say that Bandai toy company has announced that Disney is doing an 18th season, and that they will be making toys for it.  Hooray!  Hope springs eternal!!

Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2 Update

Just to let you all in on the status of the widely-anticipated sequel to Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: the Truth Behind the Sadness, things are going very well: the film is complete, and a copy has been sent to a film festival.  Withoutabox, the festival website, has promised an imdb page for it soon, so hooray for that!!  Rest assured, the film will be uploaded in its entirety once an imdb page is secured, and the film is officially released.  The film is called Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2, and it documents the continuing adventures of the failing band 'Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves'.

And just to clear up any confusion, I am currently using the terms 'film' and 'movie' interchangeably, since film is the most-used term for movie here in Britain, where I am currently residing.  Most of my movies are not shot on film, so any confusion is understandable. 

Did You Know? 3

I'm Schedel Luitjen, creator of Cloudman, BLOB, and Chicken Man, and co-creator of Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves (along with Nicolas Nadeau).  I'm studying Latin and Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, where I attend King's Church.  

My favorite foods are:

Tacos (from Taco Cabana en Tejas), particularly bean & cheese and beef fajita.
Laksa Noodles (from Kampong Ah Lee in Edinburgh).
Mongolian Beef (from Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant in San Antonio).

BEAN AND CHEESE NACHOS from Sarita's in San Antonio!!!!  Generally, I love nachos from anywhere in the world except Britain, but Sarita's nachos are the best, particularly with the distinctive Sarita's salsa!  Mmmmm, I wish I could eat them right now!!!!!!!

Anyway, there's a digression for you.  And now back to BLOB.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A BLOB 7D Treat!

Here's a special treat for all you BLOBophiles out there: a sneak preview of BLOB 7D: Rise of the Jive Turkeys!!  Admittedly, this is a couple of years old at this point, but hey, enjoy nonetheless!  BLOB 7D is expected to commence principal photography in summer of 2009.

Did You Know? 2

Did you know?  You can view the full film of Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror on its Internet Movie Database (imdb) page right here:

Vampire Blob imdb

How great is that?  While you're there, check out the character biography of Mayor Stephen Kettle, and the mini-biographies of Schedel Luitjen and Cassidy Luitjen on their respective imdb pages!

And please do type out what you think of the movie on the comments section, or on the discussion board.  You may have to join imdb to do that, though, so be aware of that!

Fangs for reading!!!  

Did You Know? 1

Did you know?  I'm currently in the middle of production on a short silent film which is not an officially numbered part of the BLOB series, but features BLOB!!  The short is written by my good friend Brett Heasman, author of 'The Self-Combusting Hedgehog', a stageplay I acted in back in 2008.  Brett was also the composer of the organ music for 'Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror'.  

The silent short, as yet officially untitled (although one working title that was thrown around was 'The Road to Enlightenment is a Murky Water'), tells the story of a young man who is bored with life's monotony, until it is invaded by a rather familiar character (our own Hero BLOB himself!), who changes his life forever.

Now I know that you're all concerned with the continuity of this film, and where it could fit in the BLOB saga.  In terms of chronology, it's all up in the air, but in terms of canonicity, I can tell you your two options on how to view the film.  

1: It does not fit into the canon.  After all, BLOB seems to be a figment of the imagination of the main character of this film, and he is actually helpful (which he rarely is in the canonical BLOB series).


2: BLOB seems to be a figment of the main character's imagination because he is secretly living inside the character's brain in liquid form, and is causing synapse misfires, driving the man slightly insane.  I think I prefer this option, but hey, it's still early, and the principal photography hasn't even been completed yet.

But possibly the most exciting news for you BLOB fans is that the film has precipitated the creation of BLOB Helmet Mark III, a new helmet for a new year!  This helmet, which fully covers the face (unlike BLOB Helmet Mark II, as seen in Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen), was retrofitted from Vampire Blob Helmet Mark II (as seen in Silent Fangs of Horror, which in turn had been retrofitted from BLOB Helmet Mark II.

So look forward to this new film offering in the near future!!

BLOB 11 Update!

Today, for the first time this year, I worked on (Hero) BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion.  It is to be a stage-play which I intend/ hope to put on at Bedlam next year.  I had already written a few pages, but had placed the notebook under my bed at some point, where I did not see it for months.  I am very happy with how things are going as of yet, although I'm still writing the first scene.  It's snappy and quick, and features BLOB, Chilipepperman, the Normalsman family, and many other fine characters, including a new potential love interest for our blobby brother in red.  Now let's just hope Blobton can handle all this action, and I can actually finish writing both it and my Latin essay!!

PS an alternate title for the play is BLOB 11: Return to Blobton.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

HeroBLOB HeroBlog, Begin!!

So many people are constantly interested in the current state of BLOB affairs, and the states of other interesting projects with which I am involved.  Therefore, I feel that it is important that I should not dissatisfy the public mind, with its clamoring open-sore of Ignorance which cries out for the flapping flagella of the bacterium of Knowledge.  So here is that bacterium, my fellow-people!  Here is the introduction to the world of the HeroBLOB HeroBlog!!  Enjoy, and bask in the UV rays of Being-In-The-Know as you download the downlow about everything BLOB!!!  And everything Other-Projects-With-Which-Schedel-Is-Involved!!