Saturday 17 September 2016

Welcome to the NEW BLOBlog!!

You guys, loyal fans and followers. Old is new again, so now I'm necro-ing the old HeroBlog and respawning it! That's really the theme of the whole blog, and in large part of my superhero art stuff in general: what's old is worthwhile, so why not re-examine it, revamp it, recreate it anew?

So here we'll go, with a new blog full of new stuff and what it has to do with old stuff. We're just past the 17th anniversary of my creation of Cloudman, world's greatest hero and maker of clouds. Hero BLOB (née BLOB) came mere months later. I've created content for these fellows, their friends, and their worlds ever since, and there's a lot to look at!

I'll be posting either new art with descriptions of the old stuff it's drawn from or old art with descriptions of the new stuff I have planned based on it! What could be better or more self-indulgent? So hang on and stay for the ride, people. This is the stuff I create and care about, the world I live in. This is the NEW BLOBlog!

Photo: hand-painted resin minifigure of Cloudman, 2016. Newly molded from a figurine created in 2001 from Crayola Model Magic, used in the Cloudman-Obakemono Board Game (which was co-created by Schedel Luitjen and Nicolas Nadeau)

Monday 9 January 2012

Please see my NEW BLOG from now on!

Dear Friends,

I'm switching from this blog to a new one-- . Follow the link for all of your favourite old posts and all forthcoming new posts concerning BLOB and Schedel!!


Schedel Luitjen

Sunday 25 December 2011

BLOB Christmas Special 2!!

Hey there!

Exciting news: the much-anticipated Hero BLOB Christmas Special 2 is now online HERE, at !!!

Follow the incredible adventures of Hero BLOB as he tries to defeat the villainous Devil Blob, save Christmas, and defeat the powers of Evil Christmas forever!!!

Seriously, I'm very proud of this one. Starring Nicolas Nadeau and Schedel Luitjen, and written by Schedel Luitjen and Nicolas Nadeau, produced by Schedel Luitjen!

Enjoy the whole action-packed hour of laughs, love, and horror TODAY!

Also, there's an animated preview of it online at youtube: Hero BLOB Christmas Special 2 Preview .

Please enjoy them both today!!!

Friday 16 December 2011

COLOR Cavalcade of Villainy!

I write to you again today-- presenting the newly colorized 'Cavalcade of Villainy' drawing for your viewing pleasure!

Featuring almost all living (or, in some cases, UNliving) BLOB villains, including the newly-excavated Admiral Von Purpleheimer from Hero BLOB vs. Obakemono, it's a joy for the whole family!



CHICKEN MAN 2 poster!

Yo dudes!

Sorry for a bit of delay in posting! To make up for it, here is a poster for the (still in the process of being written) Chicken Man 2: Flight of the Chicken Man!!

Although I'm home in Texas, rest assured that I'm still working on stuff! Fatman episode 1 and 2 are completely written, and more is on the way!!

In the meantime, enjoy this!!!

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Hero BLOB Christmas Special II Preview!!

Dearest ones,

Here's the new preview, made just for you-- a beautiful story, almost finished, featuring Santa, Satan, Hero BLOB, Devil Blob, and a whole range of the Cavalcade of Villainy! Enjoy the preview, and look forward to the real thing on Christmas Eve (or thereabouts)!!

See the video HERE!!


Sunday 13 November 2011

BLOBniverse 2012 Preview Time!

Evil Baby - 2012

DAI-BLOB - 2012

Dear BLOBites,

It's a busy weekend for BLOBniverse stuff! I've just scanned in the (as yet uncolored/uncoloured) previews for two upcoming Schedel Luitjen works! Both of these won't be around 'till 2012, so these are just here to drum up your interest!

Evil Baby tells the story of a criminal mastermind who becomes a child (for reasons revealed only in the story), while DAI-BLOB is the ultimate team-up of every BLOB ever to exist (so far) in one giant battle against the force of nature known as DAI-BLOB.

For continuity pundits out there, DAI-BLOB takes place after BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB. That's why BLOB has his nose back (OOPS SPOILERS). Look forward to them!