Monday, 25 April 2011

Hero BLOB Update, with Cloudman!

Well, my dears, it's been a long while, but I haven't been idle. I've finished both 'Killer Brother: Target Genesis' and a new Cloudman novel, 'Jack and Betrayal' in the last couple of months. I'm currently sending them out to some magazines to see if I can get them published. But Hero BLOB isn't just on the back-burner, no no. Our favorite Hero BLOB is oozing his way into the new Cloudman book, and the plot for 'Hero BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB' is completely crystalized, as it must be, since its events are mentioned in 'Jack and Betrayal'! Hopefully, I'll have some good news on those soon, as to publication.

Now, I've moved on to the next Cloudman novel, 'Cloudman's Secret Identity', which significantly alters the state of things of Cloudman's early adventures by expanding on the behind-the-scenes relationship of Cloudman and the mysterious Cloudwoman!! Exciting times.

And check out some Hero BLOB and Cloudman -related poetry on the website, featuring 'Hero BLOB: Nadir' and 'To Cloudman', a poem written by Pengy, Cloudman's sidekick penguin! All are by yours truly, the Author, Schedel B. Luitjen!!

I remain, as ever, yours xx