Sunday, 13 November 2011

BLOBniverse 2012 Preview Time!

Evil Baby - 2012

DAI-BLOB - 2012

Dear BLOBites,

It's a busy weekend for BLOBniverse stuff! I've just scanned in the (as yet uncolored/uncoloured) previews for two upcoming Schedel Luitjen works! Both of these won't be around 'till 2012, so these are just here to drum up your interest!

Evil Baby tells the story of a criminal mastermind who becomes a child (for reasons revealed only in the story), while DAI-BLOB is the ultimate team-up of every BLOB ever to exist (so far) in one giant battle against the force of nature known as DAI-BLOB.

For continuity pundits out there, DAI-BLOB takes place after BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB. That's why BLOB has his nose back (OOPS SPOILERS). Look forward to them!



Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hero BLOB vs Obakemono!

Dear Friends,
A special Saturday-night (or early Sunday, in some time zones) present for you is ready! It's an oldie (but a goodie), a story written in either 2006 or 2007 (I think 2006) and originally presented on a now-defunct BLOB fan page! That's right, it's the legendary, the unthinkably rare, the virtually unread 'Hero BLOB vs. Obakemono'!!!

I'd almost forgotten this story existed, until I was drawing the Cavalcade of Villainy drawing the other day. Now, I've dug it out and re-edited it (taking away the neuter pronoun for Obakemono and dulling down his curse words a bit to squeeze him more tightly into BLOB continuity), and I'm releasing it here for you!!!

I'm pretty sure this is the first crossover of BLOB with a non-created-by-Schedel character, in this instance 'Obakemono', a character created and owned by Nicolas Nadeau, my oftimes crimefighting and writing/acting partner.

Obakemono has a long history of crossing over with Cloudman, creating a humorous dynamic contrast between Obakemono's serious, down-to-earth darkness and Cloudman's hilarious, fun-loving light! But now, it's a whole other deal to deal with BLOB. Check it out! It's a short story, only 7 pages long.

Download it HERE!! (I uploaded it to MegaUpload, and I tested it to make sure it's correct)

Love and BLOBbiness!


Friday, 11 November 2011

Hero BLOB's Cavalcade of Villainy

Well, would you look at this... for a special Friday treat, it's the entire Cavalcade of Villainy, the whole range of BLOB villains still alive or at large. Feast your eyes, get excited, because this is just a shade of what's to come still this year for BLOB fans! Don't recognize them all? That's understandable, really. One of them is from the old BLOB vs. Obakemono story, so almost nobody has seen him before. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Hero BLOB for President 2 in color/colour!!

Feast your eyes and eat your ears; the new, color/colour version of Hero BLOB for President is here! In episode 2, BLOB asks that age-old question: WHERE IS IT? WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE???

Enjoy! I'm thinking Friday will be a good day for new releases. Any thoughts?