Monday, 20 June 2011

Enough about me, let's talk about KAMEN RIDER!!!

Hey pals and palettes! Things are still going well with Innocence, and all the many other projects. Some stuff I'm working on right now is:
Blob Christmas Special II
Blob Christmas Special II Preview (animated)
Chicken Man 2 (rewrite)
Cloudman's Secret Identity/ Goodiness League (short stories)

BESIDES THAT, I like to watch other people's films, and two things really excite me today. One: I just received in the mail Larry Blamire's 'Trail of the Screaming Forehead', which is sure to be amazing. As I was working on my Classics dissertation, I didn't have time to watch it today (SAD FACE), but I DID make time to finish the newest Kamen Rider Den-O movie that I've been watching!!

Kamen Rider is an amazing series originally created by Ishinomori Shotaro in 1971, and is currently enjoying its 40th anniversary, with a commemorative movie that just came out in Japan. It also recently aired its 1000th episode, in the newest incarnation, Kamen Rider OOO. But what I watched was a spinoff movie from last year about Kamen Rider Den-O, a Kamen Rider who travels in time on a time train and is possessed by characters called Imajin. Basically, I think it's one of the best Kamen Rider series out there, and every single episode and movie I've seen of it has been uber-enjoyable. This particular one was Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Cho Den-O the Movie Trilogy: Episode Yellow (vomits from overexertion of tongue)!! It was great. And the series is safe for the whole family, as long as they can read subtitles, which is also fun. I like the tone of the series; it feels like the tone I used to have in my Cloudman stories, which i hope to continue!

Anywho, watch them. You can download them from with subtitles. Go to the DDL forum, then select Kamen Rider DDL, then select from the Kamen Rider Den-O options. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure!!