Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Dear Friends,
   Yes, it was another night without sleep, only this time I had much less reason.  I stayed up late with my flatmates watching stupid British music videos, all the while constructing my plasticine creations for the night's work.  Then, when all had abandoned this sphere for the realms of sleep, I began.  My picture count on my camera is well over 3000, I think, so that should mean that I took roughly around 1000 pics tonight (not sure about that, but hey).  I was really happy with how some of the final shots came out, as I was testing out a (to me) novel lighting technique which was inspired by Murnau and Gran Torino.  So anyway, God provides!  It turns out that I only need sleep every other day; I suppose this is the inevitable conclusion to my progressively deepening lack of the necessity of sleep over the last three years.  I think it was St. Antony, the Desert Father, who said that a good monk should need only an hour of sleep a night.  Perhaps I would make a good monk!  Can't wait to start my own monastery!!! (Maybe in Florence.  Or Sorrento.  Or on an island of Lake Victoria.  It would have to be somewhere warm, so that we wouldn't have to wear those ugly, huge robe things.  It's tunics or nothing (actually, that sounds dodgy.  I meant 'it's tunics or something else, but not a lack of clothes)).  Anyway...  some more pics on the way, maybe today!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

First Pictures: Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body!!

Dear friends: here are some photos, the first ever from my new movie, 'Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body'- enjoy!  And keep in mind, these photos are from before I completed the details on these stopmotion paper-cutouts, so they'll theoretically look better in the actual frames from the movie!!

This is Vincent VanTrovier, who features prominently in the movie, on the phone.

This is an early form of the TaskBaseShip, a spaceship from the film.

Hag Lady Bobo (Hag Form) and Penny VanTrovier/Nimbus

The HagSoul of Hag Lady Bobo; this is the form she has after the events of BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite, when her body is destroyed.

Penny VanTrovier (maiden name Nimbus); she is essentially the star of the story.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

More Stopmotion Madness!

Yeah, it's only 5:55 a.m., but I'm done stopmotioning for the night.  I got a lot done today, of significantly higher quality than yesterday's work; it's all coming back to me.  And I managed to get the camera to give me the right colors today, so that's great too.  

Pictures soon, fo real!  But I think you should know, I took more than 1200 pictures of this stuff this evening, so I'm too tired to upload it!!


Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body

It's currently 8:37 a.m., and I have yet to sleep one wink.  Why, you ask?  Well, knowing me as well as you do, you should know that the only thing that can keep me up past 7:00 a.m. is STOP-MOTION!!  I absolutely love the stuff, and once I start, I have some difficulty stopping.  Or stopping-motion, if you will.  What's that you say?  You won't?  Ah well.

Anyway, the stop-motion was for a new project I'm working on, called 'Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body', which bridges the narratorial gap between Hag Lady Bobo as seen in the Hero BLOB series and Hag Lady Bobo as seen in the Cloudman comic series.  It's really rather short, and was originally planned as part of the 'Hero BLOB 8: BLOB Uchuu Ocho' movie (which has stalled in development), but I needed to do something short, as I have a very short time before it must be finished.  

The movie is going to be projected on the wall at a launch party for a local art magazine called 'Yellerzine', whose first issue this year features part one of my comic series 'Broken Vessel'.  They wanted something animated to show on the wall, and I happen to have hands to animate with!  Admittedly, it's been rushed so far, and parts of it aren't my best stop-motion work (it's been well over a year since the last time I stop-motioned!), but it's shaping up, and Hag Lady Bobo's soul is terrifying.  I'll tell you all about it in a future post, and then I'll treat you to some exclusive preview photos, which will probably just confuse you.  Ah well, could be worse!  Your nose could be gushing blood!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Hero BLOB Christmas Special 1

Hey, everybody,
   Sorry about the sporadic posting, but good news now!  I've finished the script for 'The Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas', a short, Christmas-related thing I've been thinking of writing for three years.  There exists some footage for it in movie form, but Nick and I are too busy with other projects in the winter times to finish it, so the new script is entirely made for radio!!  Hopefully, I'll record it soon and have it ready before the actual Christmas time! 

The play itself revolves around BLOB's quest to find out what the true meaning of Christmas truly is, and it features the most spectacular battle ever: SANTA vs. SATAN.  Who will win?  Find out soon!!!

Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen Online!!

Hey, everybody!  Interestingly, I've run into almost every cast member of the hit play, 'Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen' in the last two days, including Samuel J. Taunton ( who played doctor Doctor Von Blimpo in the play, and whom you may know as the voice of Vampire Blob in 'Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob!'), Ruth Appleby (Precious Jim, Mayor Stephen Kettle, Mad Flamethrower Person, Lucy the Paramedic Lady from the Streets of Havana), Martha McGill (Tuna Head, Die-Cotyledon), and Kate Roberts (the Red-Head), and, of course, myself, Schedel Luitjen (BLOB, Narrator, Joe Gooblegop, Rick McStanmyer).  So I thought, 'why not put that play on the internet?'  So I am doing that now.  It's in terrible quality, which I'm trying to fix, but for now, here it is in all its grainy quality!

Please note that the beginning of the play footage is from the dress rehearsal night (thus no laughter occurs here), and the rest is from the actual performance!

Here it is, available only on Veoh, because the file size was too big to put it directly on here.  I'm afraid you'll only be able to watch a 5-minute preview unless you become a Veoh member, but that's free, so I'd suggest that.

If anyone wants to download the full file without Veoh, they can just email me at , and I can post a link.

PS the opening titles song is from Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain, and is the property of Toei Corporation; I do not own it, nor did I make it.