Monday, 29 June 2009

Update: Vampire Blob Projects

So, I thought I should let you all know that I am now actively in the process of writing another Vampire Blob sequel, this the first Vampire Blob project to be written for.... the STAGE!!!

I may have a venue this summer, thanks to the ever-resourceful and Blobtabulous Nicolas Nadeau (whose birthday is tomorrow, btw, but too bad if you want to celebrate it with him- he's hanging out with ME). Therefore, I am writing and writing, carrying my script notebook with me wherever I go. This short little beauty will be called:

Vampire Blob Returns: Vampire Blob vs. Doctor Faustus!

I hope to get series mainstays Nicolas Nadeau and Stephen Potts cast in the main roles of Vampire Blob and Doctor Faustus respectively (although I have not yet communicated with Mr. Potts concerning this), and I myself plan to reprise my role as the indomitable, insatiable Lord Byron!

Meanwhile, I have fully planned my short, stop-motion animated film Son of Vampire Blob!, which takes place in continuity right before the events of Vampire Blob Returns, but also quite a long time after, due to the effects of time travel. I hope for it to be about 8 minutes long, and a real tear-jerker (yeah, right).

Meanwhile, I'm also sending off a copy of Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror off to another film festival today or tomorrow, so pray for that! Also, I may have a venue to show that movie off again in San Antonio this summer, so LOOK OUT!!!

Update: CLOUDMAN 10th Anniversary!!!

My dear friends:

Did you know that Cloudman, my most prolifically authored hero (70 + stories), was created almost ten years ago? That's right, it was September of 1999 when he was created, as far as I can calculate it. Cloudman, who gained his powers when a piece of the sun fell on top of him, can fly, shoot lightning bolts, and wear a snazzy outfit, among many other amazing abilities. Everyone's favorite liquidy friend, Hero BLOB, originated as a side-character in Cloudman comics, so you can imagine how great Cloudman is!!

To celebrate this momentous 10th anniversary, I have a whole slew of things lined up for the good ol' heroblob heroblog, including the planned scanning in of several episodes of the Cloudman comic, and the hopeful uploading of the most recent Cloudman movie (not very recent)! All of this will lead up to the biggest celebratory bash ever created, when the actual anniversary is celebrated in September!

Even more shocking, I've actually been actively working on a new issue of the Cloudman comic in the original continuity in the past weeks. This is the first time in over three years... let that sink in.... that I have actively pursued this continuity. I have, in the past couple of years, worked on a newly re-done version of the continuity, the first issue of which I hope to finish inking before the celebration, so that I can distribute it to my loyal fans! But now I'm back to finishing the original saga, and I'm fairly near to the end, so woohoo!!

Anyway, that's all on Cloudman for now; check often for updates!!!!