Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Judy Sunshine Is Dead.

Thought you all might be interested in seeing Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves's new music video, as featured in Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2.  Enjoy it in the comfort of your own home!  Or, as the band would prefer me to say, despair at its coming and listen to it outside, where the harsh elements of this uncaring Earth can eat away at your soul and body.

BLOB 11 Update!

Oh my goodness, I have worked on BLOB 11 so much today, it's insane.  I spent the ENTIRE DAY after my early morning class working on this play whilst sitting in Starbuck's (and working on my Latin essay, of course!).  I've written several more scenes, and I've finalized the plotline I'm going to follow till the end.  There ended up being a few twists I didn't quite see coming, and I really like the way the thing is turning out.  I think I may finish it today or tomorrow, although I'm becoming sidetracked by working on my essay (due Monday!).  

I've included some rough illustrations in my script, which I may make into fully-fledged drawings sometime soon and post up here.  In the meantime, here's the lowdown on most of the dramatis personae:

BLOB (a.k.a. Hero BLOB, 'Bob Normalsman') - he's the same BLOB we all know and love, involved in a complicated scheme to defraud the government and avoid paying taxes while  still retaining the post of Space Sheriff that he got from Mayor Kettle in BLOB IX.

Chilipepperman- he's accompanying BLOB on his quest to return to Blobton and find his family.  One can imagine his annoyance when he becomes embroiled in BLOB's crazy plans.

Valerie Normalsman- matriarch of the wealthy Normalsman family, she loves buying Praba brand clothing, especially in black (she is a grieving widow, after all).

Stacy Normalsman- the youngest Normalsman sibling, with a bit of a thing for hot peppers...

Se~nor Zornington- a fat, possum-eatin' daddy in the Zornington family, who lives in a small shack across the street from the Normalsman mansion.

Blobette Zornington- a 'beautiful' girl that bears a striking resemblance to BLOB, and may bear a few feelings for him, as well...

Cyber-Mummy- no-one knows much about this abomination of circuits and bolts that stalks the swamps of Blobton.

Emanuhop Zornington- the Zorningtons' long-lost son; no-one knows what has become of him in the many years since his disappearance as a toddler.

Bob Normalsman- is BLOB really the long-lost Normalsman son?  Only time will tell.

So there you have it- a foretaste of the newest BLOB experience, BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BLOB 11 Update!

I've been working more on BLOB 11 today, in Starbuck's on the Royal Mile.  I'm really happy with how it's going, and the plan for the plot is almost completely finished now!  I just introduced the Stable Boy, sure to become a fan favorite, and BLOB's 'mother', Valerie Normalsman.  I've also made some sketches today of what I want the stage to be like, so it should be a blast!  

But a new plan is forming; whether or not it will be accomplished is another question.  I think I'd like to film the play as though it were a live television filming- have 2 or 3 cameras going simultaneously, focusing on different characters, as the actors act out the scenes live, interspersed with cut-scenes of stuff impossible to do on stage.  If I can successfully market this as an 'Extraordinary' play at Bedlam, then I think I could pull it off, with the help of my talented friends in the biz.  And good ol' God, of course.  

Now where am I going to get a giant, BLOB-shaped bag of sand and a flamethrower??


Monday, 23 March 2009

Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob! Listen to it here!!

Here it is, folks: Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob!, the full version of the amazing radio show that was performed live on the air of Edinburgh's FreshAir Radio on Halloween night, 2008.  Just press play and listen to this fearful performance!  This is the sequel to the silent film Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror, but it is not necessary to have seen that film in order to enjoy this play.  If you would like to see it, though, simply look out for the next post to see a link!

The Cast:
Vampire Blob: Samuel J. Taunton
Julia: Kate Deans
Hero BLOB: Schedel Luitjen
Mayor Kettle: Ruth Appleby
Selene: Schedel Luitjen
Lord Byron: Schedel Luitjen
Narrator: Schedel Luitjen
Jim Barclay: Samuel J. Taunton
Apollo Schwanson: himself

with music by Brett Heasman
Special thanks to Johnny Brick for commissioning the play for FreshAir Radio,
and to God.

BLOB 12 Update!

Dear friends, 
      Just to let you know, the writing of the script for BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB is going well.  A few key scenes were written a couple of weeks ago for this radio play, alternately titled BLOB 12: Final BLOB.  I'm going back now and rewriting a couple of the scenes, though, because I feel that Chilipepperman acted a bit out of character in them, and the plot was feeling too rushed.  So there's yet a long road ahead for the 'Final' BLOB.  Stay tuned here for updates, loyal fans!!


Did You Know? 4

Did you know?  It was rumored earlier this year that Power Rangers RPM (season 17) would be the final season of the long-running Power Ranger series.  Needless to say, this was devastating news to children everywhere and to me, because one of my highest dreams has always been to play a ranger on TV someday. 

But I'm glad to say that Bandai toy company has announced that Disney is doing an 18th season, and that they will be making toys for it.  Hooray!  Hope springs eternal!!

Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2 Update

Just to let you all in on the status of the widely-anticipated sequel to Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: the Truth Behind the Sadness, things are going very well: the film is complete, and a copy has been sent to a film festival.  Withoutabox, the festival website, has promised an imdb page for it soon, so hooray for that!!  Rest assured, the film will be uploaded in its entirety once an imdb page is secured, and the film is officially released.  The film is called Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves: Episode 2, and it documents the continuing adventures of the failing band 'Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves'.

And just to clear up any confusion, I am currently using the terms 'film' and 'movie' interchangeably, since film is the most-used term for movie here in Britain, where I am currently residing.  Most of my movies are not shot on film, so any confusion is understandable. 

Did You Know? 3

I'm Schedel Luitjen, creator of Cloudman, BLOB, and Chicken Man, and co-creator of Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves (along with Nicolas Nadeau).  I'm studying Latin and Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, where I attend King's Church.  

My favorite foods are:

Tacos (from Taco Cabana en Tejas), particularly bean & cheese and beef fajita.
Laksa Noodles (from Kampong Ah Lee in Edinburgh).
Mongolian Beef (from Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant in San Antonio).

BEAN AND CHEESE NACHOS from Sarita's in San Antonio!!!!  Generally, I love nachos from anywhere in the world except Britain, but Sarita's nachos are the best, particularly with the distinctive Sarita's salsa!  Mmmmm, I wish I could eat them right now!!!!!!!

Anyway, there's a digression for you.  And now back to BLOB.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A BLOB 7D Treat!

Here's a special treat for all you BLOBophiles out there: a sneak preview of BLOB 7D: Rise of the Jive Turkeys!!  Admittedly, this is a couple of years old at this point, but hey, enjoy nonetheless!  BLOB 7D is expected to commence principal photography in summer of 2009.

Did You Know? 2

Did you know?  You can view the full film of Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror on its Internet Movie Database (imdb) page right here:

Vampire Blob imdb

How great is that?  While you're there, check out the character biography of Mayor Stephen Kettle, and the mini-biographies of Schedel Luitjen and Cassidy Luitjen on their respective imdb pages!

And please do type out what you think of the movie on the comments section, or on the discussion board.  You may have to join imdb to do that, though, so be aware of that!

Fangs for reading!!!  

Did You Know? 1

Did you know?  I'm currently in the middle of production on a short silent film which is not an officially numbered part of the BLOB series, but features BLOB!!  The short is written by my good friend Brett Heasman, author of 'The Self-Combusting Hedgehog', a stageplay I acted in back in 2008.  Brett was also the composer of the organ music for 'Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror'.  

The silent short, as yet officially untitled (although one working title that was thrown around was 'The Road to Enlightenment is a Murky Water'), tells the story of a young man who is bored with life's monotony, until it is invaded by a rather familiar character (our own Hero BLOB himself!), who changes his life forever.

Now I know that you're all concerned with the continuity of this film, and where it could fit in the BLOB saga.  In terms of chronology, it's all up in the air, but in terms of canonicity, I can tell you your two options on how to view the film.  

1: It does not fit into the canon.  After all, BLOB seems to be a figment of the imagination of the main character of this film, and he is actually helpful (which he rarely is in the canonical BLOB series).


2: BLOB seems to be a figment of the main character's imagination because he is secretly living inside the character's brain in liquid form, and is causing synapse misfires, driving the man slightly insane.  I think I prefer this option, but hey, it's still early, and the principal photography hasn't even been completed yet.

But possibly the most exciting news for you BLOB fans is that the film has precipitated the creation of BLOB Helmet Mark III, a new helmet for a new year!  This helmet, which fully covers the face (unlike BLOB Helmet Mark II, as seen in Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen), was retrofitted from Vampire Blob Helmet Mark II (as seen in Silent Fangs of Horror, which in turn had been retrofitted from BLOB Helmet Mark II.

So look forward to this new film offering in the near future!!

BLOB 11 Update!

Today, for the first time this year, I worked on (Hero) BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion.  It is to be a stage-play which I intend/ hope to put on at Bedlam next year.  I had already written a few pages, but had placed the notebook under my bed at some point, where I did not see it for months.  I am very happy with how things are going as of yet, although I'm still writing the first scene.  It's snappy and quick, and features BLOB, Chilipepperman, the Normalsman family, and many other fine characters, including a new potential love interest for our blobby brother in red.  Now let's just hope Blobton can handle all this action, and I can actually finish writing both it and my Latin essay!!

PS an alternate title for the play is BLOB 11: Return to Blobton.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

HeroBLOB HeroBlog, Begin!!

So many people are constantly interested in the current state of BLOB affairs, and the states of other interesting projects with which I am involved.  Therefore, I feel that it is important that I should not dissatisfy the public mind, with its clamoring open-sore of Ignorance which cries out for the flapping flagella of the bacterium of Knowledge.  So here is that bacterium, my fellow-people!  Here is the introduction to the world of the HeroBLOB HeroBlog!!  Enjoy, and bask in the UV rays of Being-In-The-Know as you download the downlow about everything BLOB!!!  And everything Other-Projects-With-Which-Schedel-Is-Involved!!