Sunday, 25 December 2011

BLOB Christmas Special 2!!

Hey there!

Exciting news: the much-anticipated Hero BLOB Christmas Special 2 is now online HERE, at !!!

Follow the incredible adventures of Hero BLOB as he tries to defeat the villainous Devil Blob, save Christmas, and defeat the powers of Evil Christmas forever!!!

Seriously, I'm very proud of this one. Starring Nicolas Nadeau and Schedel Luitjen, and written by Schedel Luitjen and Nicolas Nadeau, produced by Schedel Luitjen!

Enjoy the whole action-packed hour of laughs, love, and horror TODAY!

Also, there's an animated preview of it online at youtube: Hero BLOB Christmas Special 2 Preview .

Please enjoy them both today!!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

COLOR Cavalcade of Villainy!

I write to you again today-- presenting the newly colorized 'Cavalcade of Villainy' drawing for your viewing pleasure!

Featuring almost all living (or, in some cases, UNliving) BLOB villains, including the newly-excavated Admiral Von Purpleheimer from Hero BLOB vs. Obakemono, it's a joy for the whole family!



CHICKEN MAN 2 poster!

Yo dudes!

Sorry for a bit of delay in posting! To make up for it, here is a poster for the (still in the process of being written) Chicken Man 2: Flight of the Chicken Man!!

Although I'm home in Texas, rest assured that I'm still working on stuff! Fatman episode 1 and 2 are completely written, and more is on the way!!

In the meantime, enjoy this!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hero BLOB Christmas Special II Preview!!

Dearest ones,

Here's the new preview, made just for you-- a beautiful story, almost finished, featuring Santa, Satan, Hero BLOB, Devil Blob, and a whole range of the Cavalcade of Villainy! Enjoy the preview, and look forward to the real thing on Christmas Eve (or thereabouts)!!

See the video HERE!!


Sunday, 13 November 2011

BLOBniverse 2012 Preview Time!

Evil Baby - 2012

DAI-BLOB - 2012

Dear BLOBites,

It's a busy weekend for BLOBniverse stuff! I've just scanned in the (as yet uncolored/uncoloured) previews for two upcoming Schedel Luitjen works! Both of these won't be around 'till 2012, so these are just here to drum up your interest!

Evil Baby tells the story of a criminal mastermind who becomes a child (for reasons revealed only in the story), while DAI-BLOB is the ultimate team-up of every BLOB ever to exist (so far) in one giant battle against the force of nature known as DAI-BLOB.

For continuity pundits out there, DAI-BLOB takes place after BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB. That's why BLOB has his nose back (OOPS SPOILERS). Look forward to them!



Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hero BLOB vs Obakemono!

Dear Friends,
A special Saturday-night (or early Sunday, in some time zones) present for you is ready! It's an oldie (but a goodie), a story written in either 2006 or 2007 (I think 2006) and originally presented on a now-defunct BLOB fan page! That's right, it's the legendary, the unthinkably rare, the virtually unread 'Hero BLOB vs. Obakemono'!!!

I'd almost forgotten this story existed, until I was drawing the Cavalcade of Villainy drawing the other day. Now, I've dug it out and re-edited it (taking away the neuter pronoun for Obakemono and dulling down his curse words a bit to squeeze him more tightly into BLOB continuity), and I'm releasing it here for you!!!

I'm pretty sure this is the first crossover of BLOB with a non-created-by-Schedel character, in this instance 'Obakemono', a character created and owned by Nicolas Nadeau, my oftimes crimefighting and writing/acting partner.

Obakemono has a long history of crossing over with Cloudman, creating a humorous dynamic contrast between Obakemono's serious, down-to-earth darkness and Cloudman's hilarious, fun-loving light! But now, it's a whole other deal to deal with BLOB. Check it out! It's a short story, only 7 pages long.

Download it HERE!! (I uploaded it to MegaUpload, and I tested it to make sure it's correct)

Love and BLOBbiness!


Friday, 11 November 2011

Hero BLOB's Cavalcade of Villainy

Well, would you look at this... for a special Friday treat, it's the entire Cavalcade of Villainy, the whole range of BLOB villains still alive or at large. Feast your eyes, get excited, because this is just a shade of what's to come still this year for BLOB fans! Don't recognize them all? That's understandable, really. One of them is from the old BLOB vs. Obakemono story, so almost nobody has seen him before. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Hero BLOB for President 2 in color/colour!!

Feast your eyes and eat your ears; the new, color/colour version of Hero BLOB for President is here! In episode 2, BLOB asks that age-old question: WHERE IS IT? WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE???

Enjoy! I'm thinking Friday will be a good day for new releases. Any thoughts?



Monday, 31 October 2011

Hero BLOB for President... now in COLOR/COLOUR!!!

Maybe you have been hoping to see a bit more colorful interpretation of Hero BLOB's adventures? Well, here's your chance: BLOB for President part 1 in COLOR or COLOUR !!!!!!

Enjoy this adventure of Hero BLOB as he takes on the race for President! You saw it here first!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

CLOUDMAN in color/colour!!

Dear Folks,

Here's a very quickly colored/coloured Cloudman illustration, as previously shared on this very same page! Basic coloration like this is really not too hard, but making it look better would be much more difficult. Any advice? Compared, say, to the Hero BLOB Christmas illustration below, would you prefer this style or the other? I'm still experimenting here.

Anyway, I did some very fun new drawings in the last couple of days, which I may share soon. Some of them are currently top-secret, though, as they concern upcoming radio play projects!!

Also, the word of the month is:


Thanks for keeping an eye on this space!


Monday, 17 October 2011

You'll never believe what happened to me today... KILLER BROTHER

Goons! What a day for you in India!!! YET ANOTHER new image for you today, one hot off the (imaginary computer) presses! This one is KILLER BROTHER with ANGEL, an illustration from the HOT short story (listen to it HERE) by me, Schedel Luitjen! Now in color/colour, enjoy this illustrostest with the mostest!!!


Merry BLOBmas!

Yo, Weirdos!

Sorry it's been so long! I've been away, translating Latin for a new job!! Hooray!!!

But don't think I've let the BLOBniverse down here-- I'm still working on A LOT of stuff for you!

Here's a little thing I finished today: it's the BLOB as Santa Claus illustration from the first BLOB Christmas Special, only now it's in color/colour!! I used a new software I got for free, called 'GIMP', to colorize it! Now I can make all my BLOB illustrations look like ClipArt! HOORAY!! Hope you like it!!!!!!!

Schedel L.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

STRIX Update! Plus Illustration!!

Dear Goons and Goonettes,

So I'm still working on my dissertation. Probably will be until midday Friday, when it's due. But I thought I'd share with you the illustration I'm including in my (100-page long) Supplement to the Dissertation. It's a title page for my edition of Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola's STRIX!!! Enjoy!

Monday, 15 August 2011


This is one of my favorite illustrations ever of Fatman. Just a little gift to you; I was looking at it to make myself feel better about life in this stormy time of dissertation and personal psychic/lunatic problems. Hopefully, he'll bring you a little joy too.

With uncharacteristic sincerity,

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Ugh. It's 5:35 and I'm nowhere near going to bed. I've had to do and re-do this work over and over again, and it's only supplemental. I hope it's appreciated. I feel like my head is exploding. But here's something for yu all anyway, while I work and work and work and work...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hero BLOB XI is Online!!!

Dear Friends:

You can now listen to Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion HERE AT BLASTOCYST. Just to remind you, here's the poster and the description of the play!

It's a family feud as Hero BLOB, legendary liquidy defender of liberty, faces off against the worst enemy yet: BACK TAXES! Join BLOB as he seeks out his roots in BLOBTON, KENTUCKY and gets more than he's bargained for, oozing into an inheritance scuffle that threatens to take him down for good, as he seeks solace in the arms of his lady love, BLOBETTE. Join BLOB, CHILIPEPPERMAN, and newcomer SENOR ZORNINGTON as they come together for HERO BLOB XI: BLOB FAMILY REUNION!!!


Friday, 5 August 2011

Consolation Prize: Hero BLOB for President 3 !!!

Dear cats and jive lemons,
Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion is not quite up yet on the blastocyst site, although I'm certain it's coming on soon (tomorrow, I think). To make it up to you, I'm going to give you the special treat of the next Part of Hero BLOB for President !!! In this part, you can follow the continuing adventures of BLOB as he tries to root out Milanese terrorism from the US government! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Dear lads and lasses,
Just in time for Friday's release of the new internet radio-play Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion, I've whipped up this poster for your enjoyment! Remember, Hero BLOB XI will be available on, or you can just follow the pleasant little link I'll be putting up here on this blog! In the meantime, get excited from this BLOBtabulous poster!!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hero BLOB XI recorded and BLOB 6 online!!!

Dear chicos and chicas,
Today, over a period of about 4.5 hours, Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion was recorded by an extremely talented team of voice actors and one awesome radio producer, Jonny Brick.

In celebration of that achievement and of the upcoming release (probably Friday night) of this most BLOBBY of shows, I've uploaded onto youtube today BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite, the most accomplished and impressive of the film versions of BLOB!!!

Starring Nicolas Nadeau and Schedel Luitjen, along with an impressive cast of supporting characters, this BLOB movie will knock your socks off, featuring the final battle between BLOB and Hag Lady Bobo, along with the introduction of fan favorite 'The Red Head' (as seen in The Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas). At an hour long, it's perfect to watch all the way through or to watch in several parts, or to watch OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY, whatever you choose. ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Super Cloudman and update on Hero BLOB XI!

Dear ones,
I've had a bit of an idea/epiphany, and it concerns Cloudman. As many of you will know, Cloudman is one of my favorite and one of my first superhero creations.

Now, I've come up with a symbol and a new name for him, about which I'm eager to hear your feedback!

I'd like to call the fellow the Super Cloudman, or just Super Cloudman. I think there's something in this name that works, and something about the symbol that has a bit more recognizability than the original lightning-bolt C.

Here's a pic of the new design (click on it for a larger version). Tell me what you think! Email or just leave a comment here! I think it's a good change, but tell me what you think.

Also, don't forget to think pleasant Hero BLOB related thoughts tomorrow! The wonderful Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion will be recorded by a full cast tomorrow afternoon (GMT)!!! And there's been a last-minute cast addition, the talented Guillermo Martinez de Velasco, who is replacing the Mystery Guest whose name you will never get to know! Guillermo is visiting Scotland from his home in Mexico and his various other study locations around the world, and I'm thrilled to have his radio-ready (and experienced) voice added to the show!

And don't forget that you can listen to my reading of Killer Brother: Target Genesis at the link provided below, on the last post. An exciting week for my readers!

And, in celebration of the completion of the BLOB XI recording, I'll be (God willing) releasing BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite online tomorrow, which has never before been available for online viewing! It's a great one, and probably the best of the Hero BLOB film series, so watch and enjoy!

Monday, 1 August 2011

KILLER BROTHER online! Plus an interview with SCHEDEL LUITJEN !!!

Dear everybody,
You can find an interview of me by Jonny Brick here, where I discuss Killer Brother and the upcoming Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion !!!!

And now you can enjoy Killer Brother: Target Genesis for yourself!!! Available here. PLEASE LISTEN, FELLOWS!!!!


PS you can now LIKE 'Hero BLOB' on facebook! DO IT!!!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tokubetsu no PURESENTO!!! Hero BLOB for President 2!!

Dear folks,
As it's coming up to that time when Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion will be recorded, I thought it might be appropriate to do some BLOB -related activity! And so, just for y'all, I release here for the first time "Hero BLOB for President" part 2! And in case you don't remember it, here's Part 1. Click on the Hero BLOB image for a larger version!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

KILLER BROTHER Update -- Mea Culpa

Dear Readers,
Many of you may have noticed that Killer Brother isn't online yet. OOPS!! It's NEXT FRIDAY that it comes out, not this Friday. KILLER BROTHER will be on line next Friday evening on Blastocyst!!! SORRY!!!

To make it up to you, here's an illustration of Matt Beati, the Killer Brother himself, with an angel!

UPDATE: it actually was online last Friday; I was just too much of a goon to find it :-/

Friday, 29 July 2011


Yes, you heard it here recently-- I'm recording a full-cast performance of Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion next Wednesday! But perhaps you want more... perhaps you want a special preview of what's to come!!

WELL, to assuage the suffering of waiting for the recording and then for the release of BLOB XI, I'll give you this WORLD PREMIERE FIRST ANYWHERE look at a new illustration of the updated 'look' for one of the protagonists of the play, the mysterious BLOBETTE (to be played by Martha McGill (Rise of the Chicken Man, Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen)).

So here it is, fellas! A world-exclusive premiere look at Hero BLOB XI's BLOBETTE!!

Click on the image at left for a larger version!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

KILLER BROTHER preview is up!!!

Dear Readers,
I've just finished putting together the preview for Killer Brother, recorded earlier today! Enjoy the beautiful sounds of this, and get ready for this Friday, when Killer Brother: Target Genesis will be released to the public for the first time! You can watch the preview on my Schedelworld youtube channel!!! Enjoy!



Dear BLOBites,
Today was a day of much voice work!! Thanks to the ever-reliable Jonny Brick, producer extraordinaire, I today recorded a reading of Killer Brother: Target Genesis, along with TWO different versions of a trailer for it (available soon online) and an interview!

After that, I made the first version of the trailer for the upcoming Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion! And an interview with BLOB and me, Schedel, all about HBXI. It was a wonderful, exhausting, voice-filled day!

So here's the low-down on your soon-to-be favorite radio-plays:

THIS FRIDAY, Killer Brother: Target Genesis will be released, and can be accessed in the evening (GMT) or the early afternoon (Central Standard Time). That's THIS FRIDAY, July 29th! It will be accessible on blastocyst, and there will be an update with a link here on the HeroBlog! Also, check out the (tiny) Killer Brother website!

NEXT WEDNESDAY, I'll be recording Hero BLOB XI, along with my talented voice cast, including Martha McGill, Brett Heasman, and a Special Secret Guest! It will go online some time after, and you can be sure that I'll have a link for it here.

It's an exciting time to like my work, and an exciting time to love BLOB! So listen, enjoy, and have fun!!!!


Monday, 25 July 2011

Killer Brother and Hero BLOB XI Performances!!

Dear Students of the oft-lauded School of BLOB,
I am happy to announce a couple of upcoming projects that will be soon available on the web for your perusal and ENJOYMENT!!

Firstly, this Wednesday, I am going to record a reading of the newly re-edited and improved 'Killer Brother: Target Genesis' in six parts. This will be your first chance to experience this previously-unreleased work, one of my favorite ideas I've ever written!

Thrill along with Brother Matthew Beati, former hitman and current monk, as he travels back near to the beginning of time, to stop the Fall from ever occurring!! It will be a dramatic reading in 6 parts, available soon on !!!

Next, there will be the first-ever performance of Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion, in its radio-play format! It will be recorded on August 3 (in the midst of the ever-famous Edinburgh Festival), with a cast that so far includes me and the talents of Brett Heasman (Vampire Blob in Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror (2008)) and Martha McGill (whose unforgettable performance as Tuna Head lit up the stage in 2008's Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen)!!! Hero BLOB XI is sure to be a corker, and is my favorite of the BLOB series that I've written (mind you, the first six were never actually written and were simply improvised in the badly-missed methods employed by Nicolas Nadeau and me back in the heyday).

In Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion, BLOB travels to the city of Blobton in Kentucky, encountering friends and foes alike as he discovers the secrets of his past and forges his way into a love for the future. Featuring Chilipepperman, too!!

So that's the big news for the day, and it's all thanks to the patronly kindness of Jonny Brick, proprietor of the blastocyst website (check it out on!!! The website has previously hosted a large amount of my BLOB-world-related poetry (available in the poesy section of his website), the Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas, and an interview with me on various subjects! CHECK IT OUT NOWWWW!!!!

I'll update you on when you can expect to hear these beautiful stories performed online, my friends. Until then,
ever yours,

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Announcement: BLOBNIBUS!!!

Dear Fans,
No real reason to keep it secret, so the BLOB's out of the bag! My new project I'm writing is called BLOBNIBUS. It's for (internet) radio, and it's an omnibus collecting new radio versions of BLOB's first three adventures!

Yesterday, I finished typing up the radio version of BLOB the Movie, now re-named 'the Combustible Crime Wave', and today I've been working on 'the Dastardly Deeds of Doctor Von Blimpo'!!

The radio versions do differ slightly from the originals, hopefully keeping things fun and fresh, while introducing new fans to the BLOB mythos for the first time!

My plan is to have a BLOBniverse-spanning series of radio plays, putting the entire BLOB 12-part saga on the air in a format that's easy on the ears and fun for all!

So BLOBNIBUS collects the events of BLOB the Movie, BLOB 2, and BLOB 3: Dance of the Spider Freak. Next will be BLOBNIBUS PART TWO, collecting the events of the previously unreleased BLOB 4, along with BLOB V: the Vampire Imperative. Then will come a radio-dramatized version of BLOB 6, the unreleased BLOB 7 and 8, a radio version of WRATH OF THE TUNA QUEEN, the unreleased BLOB X: Actaeon, the newly-completed radio BLOB 11: BLOB FAMILY REUNION, and finally the unreleased and ever-anticipated BLOB 12: SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY BLOB.

Is this excessively ambitious for a person who has a dissertation due in about a month? Yes, probably! But after the dissertation, while I'm desperately searching for a job to finance my existence, I'll have plenty of time to convert, re-write, or pen all of these adventures for your listening pleasure!

Watch this space for more updates and downdates on all your favorite things!


PS to whet your appetite, here's the special edition of the original BLOB the Movie, uploaded on the HeroBLOB Official youtube page by one of BLOB's greatest fans, Thomas!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Dear Friends,
I today completed editing BLOB 11 for performance as an internet radio show! I really do like this one, as, like most of the BLOB adventures, it's a real departure from run-of-the-mill BLOB adventures! BLOB sort of seeks to sort of rejoin his sort of family and sort of gets a new girlfriend (BLOBETTE), with some sort of help from CHILIPEPPERMAN!!! This is the first official completed work of BLOBness to feature CHILIPEPPERMAN, an old villain-turned-hero from CLOUDMAN comics, although he will appear in continuity before this, in BLOB 7D: Rise of the Jive Turkeys!

This is all part of my ongoing new evil plot for the BLOB universe, driven by the new secret project that I am not going to tell you about yet!!

Meanwhile, I take the notebook for 'The Innocence' around with me everywhere, though I haven't written anything new in it for days (except the chapter plan for my dissertation about Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola's STRIX). OH WELL. WILL DO SOON.

So hopefully, you'll get to hear the radio version of HBXI:BFR pretty soon, and it will hopefully feature my usual fantastic array of voice talents, if they haven't all decided to abandon me since it's been months since a new radio play has been performed!


Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today, I rolled down a hill. A big hill, under the Edinburgh Castle. I just really felt like it.


Also, I adapted half of Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion into a radio-play format. That's some work done, at least.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Meet The Masked Hermit

Hey y'all!
Today I'd like to talk about the Masked Hermit. It was the second play I wrote, back in high school, and I'm returning to it now! I've penned an outline for a complete restructuring of the play, and I'm hoping to get it put together soon for broadcast as an internet radio-play! We'll see how quickly I'll finish this, but I'm really excited about it!
The plot follows an alien with a hermit crab for a head as he makes his way through a Scientific Research Cruise Ship, while being pursued by the evil Starzor the Conqueror! Meanwhile, his main squeeze Mari tries to convince her uncle not to be so judgmental about her boyfriend's fishy face.
Hope to present it to you soon!


PS I have a video-shoot on Monday for an online advert! I'll link to it when it goes online, but right now I'm still preparing for it. I'll be doing voice work and physical work in front of green-screen, which I've wanted to try for a long time!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Enough about me, let's talk about KAMEN RIDER!!!

Hey pals and palettes! Things are still going well with Innocence, and all the many other projects. Some stuff I'm working on right now is:
Blob Christmas Special II
Blob Christmas Special II Preview (animated)
Chicken Man 2 (rewrite)
Cloudman's Secret Identity/ Goodiness League (short stories)

BESIDES THAT, I like to watch other people's films, and two things really excite me today. One: I just received in the mail Larry Blamire's 'Trail of the Screaming Forehead', which is sure to be amazing. As I was working on my Classics dissertation, I didn't have time to watch it today (SAD FACE), but I DID make time to finish the newest Kamen Rider Den-O movie that I've been watching!!

Kamen Rider is an amazing series originally created by Ishinomori Shotaro in 1971, and is currently enjoying its 40th anniversary, with a commemorative movie that just came out in Japan. It also recently aired its 1000th episode, in the newest incarnation, Kamen Rider OOO. But what I watched was a spinoff movie from last year about Kamen Rider Den-O, a Kamen Rider who travels in time on a time train and is possessed by characters called Imajin. Basically, I think it's one of the best Kamen Rider series out there, and every single episode and movie I've seen of it has been uber-enjoyable. This particular one was Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Cho Den-O the Movie Trilogy: Episode Yellow (vomits from overexertion of tongue)!! It was great. And the series is safe for the whole family, as long as they can read subtitles, which is also fun. I like the tone of the series; it feels like the tone I used to have in my Cloudman stories, which i hope to continue!

Anywho, watch them. You can download them from with subtitles. Go to the DDL forum, then select Kamen Rider DDL, then select from the Kamen Rider Den-O options. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure!!


Monday, 30 May 2011

Vampire Blob- an oldie but a goodie

Dear Pals,
I upload here an old favorite- the original preview to Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror, the 2008 moviefilm from Nadeau and Luitjen. It is very cool, and uses no footage from the Edinburgh portions of the film, since it was made before they were filmed. It does, however, use a shot from Hero BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite. Can you spot which shot that is???


Thursday, 26 May 2011

BLOB for President, Part One!

Dear BLOBpals,
Still trying to wrap your head around this 'Vobama' character? Well, your essential reading is the short series of one-page adventures, 'Hero BLOB for President' !

I'll release it here, just for you! I wrote it in 2010, and am still in the process of inking it. Here's the first installment! ENJOY!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

POR FAVORRRR! Feedback for Hero BLOB

Hey friends!

My pal Tim pointed out to me that the font I'm using was blurry and annoying.

So what do you think? I made the font bigger, so hopefully it's easier to read, but what about other aspects of the blog? Is it over-designed? Has the site read Vobama's biography 'The Audacity of Trying Too Hard' too many times? Do you not get that joke because you don't know who Vobama is?

Well, for the last one, I can do you a favor and upload my brief animation, 'Hero BLOB: Vobama is All Washed Up'. For the other questions, YOU TELL ME. Feedback, por favor!

Love you guys! xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pengy Sends his Message!

Dear Readers and Friends,
I have here for your pleasure today a special message from Pengy, the flying penguin, Cloudman's sidekick and Hero BLOB's pal, card-carrying member of the Goodiness League! It's in Penguinese, so have those dictionaries handy, because he won't say it twice! Of course, you can watch the video twice... or three times... OR MANY MORE TIMES. Go for it. DO IT.
Your Penguin Pal,
Schedel Luitjen

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Innocence

Dear Viewers, Readers, and Listeners:

Updates galore! I'm working on the second Cloudman novel in the current series, entitled (for now) 'Cloudman's Secret Identity'. It's a chronicle of the somewhat brief romance between Cloudman and Cloudwoman, and will likely come to include also the first Goodiness League adventure (don't know what the Goodiness League is? SHAME ON YOU, YOU'LL HAVE TO READ TO FIND OUT).

I've also begun another little story, this time a murder mystery which takes place during the brief limbo period after BLOB 12, during the time that BLOB is absent from Innocentville. It's called 'The Innocence' for now, though I may re-title it 'The Innocence Killer'. It follows Innocentville PD's Officer Jackson on his hunt for a brutal murderer who is targeting seemingly random citizens of Innocentville. But can he find the link between the victims and stop the vicious murderer before it's too late? Or will he himself fall victim to the madman's killer will?

Yeah, clearly I've been reading too much Thomas Harris.

Meanwhile, my friend Quincy is coming into town tomorrow, which makes me 'super duper excited' as Amanda Bynes would say. For the occasion, I'm thinking of trying to get together my ragtag but wonderful voice team to record a little some-some before he leaves the country again. You may remember Quincy as the voice of Mayor Kettle and Santa Claus (and Paco) from the Hero BLOB Christmas Special last year. Don't remember? THEN CHECK IT OUT RIGHT FREAKING NOW on !!!!

I'm also working on what I hope to be a very short piece featuring Jack In the Box Man, which will then hopefully be showcased on Blastocyst, as well.

And I have secret plans brewing, as always. But now they're brewing very near the surface. Let's just say they involve Lord Byron and an excessive amount of satin, and leave it at that.

Ciao for now, BLOBpals!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Hero BLOB Update, with Cloudman!

Well, my dears, it's been a long while, but I haven't been idle. I've finished both 'Killer Brother: Target Genesis' and a new Cloudman novel, 'Jack and Betrayal' in the last couple of months. I'm currently sending them out to some magazines to see if I can get them published. But Hero BLOB isn't just on the back-burner, no no. Our favorite Hero BLOB is oozing his way into the new Cloudman book, and the plot for 'Hero BLOB 12: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry BLOB' is completely crystalized, as it must be, since its events are mentioned in 'Jack and Betrayal'! Hopefully, I'll have some good news on those soon, as to publication.

Now, I've moved on to the next Cloudman novel, 'Cloudman's Secret Identity', which significantly alters the state of things of Cloudman's early adventures by expanding on the behind-the-scenes relationship of Cloudman and the mysterious Cloudwoman!! Exciting times.

And check out some Hero BLOB and Cloudman -related poetry on the website, featuring 'Hero BLOB: Nadir' and 'To Cloudman', a poem written by Pengy, Cloudman's sidekick penguin! All are by yours truly, the Author, Schedel B. Luitjen!!

I remain, as ever, yours xx