Thursday, 25 February 2010


Well, you demanded it, and I have now acquiesced! Here is a special preview of one of the new poems coming your way, 'Song of BLOB's Nose'. This is the introduction to the poem, which sets the scene and tells those not in the know (or those not in the KNOSE!!!!) what is going on in the work.

"BLOB's nose has often been considered by scholars to be the Holy Grail of fleshy appendages, but no indication of its whereabouts has been available to archaeologists for many years, since the events of 'BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite'. When the evil 'Red-Head' tore off BLOB's Nose in a fit of vengeful, sensual fury, he took it to his inner sanctum, and it was never seen again. Curiously, though, the manuscript of this poem was recently found by investigative journalist Rick McStanmyer in the town of Praguish and radiobicarbonate-of-soda dated to 1555, despite the fact that it is written in a calligraphic style smacking of the early-to-mid 19th Century. The poem apparently details the further adventures of BLOB's Nose as it fights to avoid the pits of Hell; whether this legendary 'BLOB's Nose' is the same as the one we all know and love from BLOB's Face is a question that may forever remain answerless."

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