Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Innocence

Dear Viewers, Readers, and Listeners:

Updates galore! I'm working on the second Cloudman novel in the current series, entitled (for now) 'Cloudman's Secret Identity'. It's a chronicle of the somewhat brief romance between Cloudman and Cloudwoman, and will likely come to include also the first Goodiness League adventure (don't know what the Goodiness League is? SHAME ON YOU, YOU'LL HAVE TO READ TO FIND OUT).

I've also begun another little story, this time a murder mystery which takes place during the brief limbo period after BLOB 12, during the time that BLOB is absent from Innocentville. It's called 'The Innocence' for now, though I may re-title it 'The Innocence Killer'. It follows Innocentville PD's Officer Jackson on his hunt for a brutal murderer who is targeting seemingly random citizens of Innocentville. But can he find the link between the victims and stop the vicious murderer before it's too late? Or will he himself fall victim to the madman's killer will?

Yeah, clearly I've been reading too much Thomas Harris.

Meanwhile, my friend Quincy is coming into town tomorrow, which makes me 'super duper excited' as Amanda Bynes would say. For the occasion, I'm thinking of trying to get together my ragtag but wonderful voice team to record a little some-some before he leaves the country again. You may remember Quincy as the voice of Mayor Kettle and Santa Claus (and Paco) from the Hero BLOB Christmas Special last year. Don't remember? THEN CHECK IT OUT RIGHT FREAKING NOW on !!!!

I'm also working on what I hope to be a very short piece featuring Jack In the Box Man, which will then hopefully be showcased on Blastocyst, as well.

And I have secret plans brewing, as always. But now they're brewing very near the surface. Let's just say they involve Lord Byron and an excessive amount of satin, and leave it at that.

Ciao for now, BLOBpals!!

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