Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hero BLOB vs Obakemono!

Dear Friends,
A special Saturday-night (or early Sunday, in some time zones) present for you is ready! It's an oldie (but a goodie), a story written in either 2006 or 2007 (I think 2006) and originally presented on a now-defunct BLOB fan page! That's right, it's the legendary, the unthinkably rare, the virtually unread 'Hero BLOB vs. Obakemono'!!!

I'd almost forgotten this story existed, until I was drawing the Cavalcade of Villainy drawing the other day. Now, I've dug it out and re-edited it (taking away the neuter pronoun for Obakemono and dulling down his curse words a bit to squeeze him more tightly into BLOB continuity), and I'm releasing it here for you!!!

I'm pretty sure this is the first crossover of BLOB with a non-created-by-Schedel character, in this instance 'Obakemono', a character created and owned by Nicolas Nadeau, my oftimes crimefighting and writing/acting partner.

Obakemono has a long history of crossing over with Cloudman, creating a humorous dynamic contrast between Obakemono's serious, down-to-earth darkness and Cloudman's hilarious, fun-loving light! But now, it's a whole other deal to deal with BLOB. Check it out! It's a short story, only 7 pages long.

Download it HERE!! (I uploaded it to MegaUpload, and I tested it to make sure it's correct)

Love and BLOBbiness!


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