Monday, 20 April 2009

BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion: Completed!!!

Hey there!!  Last night, after 3 a.m., having watched about 10 episodes of Power Rangers and a Vincent Price movie (Masque of the Red Death), I finally completed the script for BLOB 11!!!  I am so relieved, and happy with how it turned out in the end.  Now I just need to type it up and send it to my usual first critic (Nick) to make sure it lives up to our standards.  

The play/sitcom stars BLOB and Chilipepperman as they seek out BLOB's roots in Blobton, Kentucky, and fall right into the middle of a family feud dating from BLOB's youth.  Who will win?  The Normalsmans and their new son, Bob (BLOB) Normalsman?  The Zorningtons, with their dazzling young belle, Blobette?  The Cyber-Mummy, with his mysterious and deadly plans?  Find out by reading/seeing the play/movie!!!!  Coming soon.  I also sketched out  a little poster plan, based on the poster of the Bride of Frankenstein (starring LORD BYRON).  Here is a photo of my rough (extremely rough, in fact) sketch:  Actually, the photo ended up at the beginning of this post.  Oh well, there it is.  I'm also uploading onto the side thingy an illustration from within the text of the first meeting between BLOB and Blobette.  How romantic.  

Anywho, the script is done!  Hooray!  Now I just have to decide what medium it will be, and convince a venue to host it!  Easy as pie, one hopes.  Now I just have to thank God, without whose constant inspiration, I could not write anything.  Thank you, God!!

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