Monday, 20 April 2009

Fish Story: Canto I: completed!!

Hey there, everybody!  In a storm of creativity, inspired by reading some Byron, Milton, and Vergil, and assisted by divine help in the form of inspiration and spiritual upliftedness, I've been able to start a new project very quickly.  On Saturday night (literally Sunday morning), in the shower, I was suddenly inspired to write a new story; the details came to me with rapidity, and I shortly thereafter wrote down the outline.  Then, on Sunday night (literally Monday morning), I finished the BLOB 11 script, leaving my writing slate relatively blank for the moment (I decided to wait a couple of days before continuing on the semi-complete BLOB 12 script).  So, today, after exchanging some money for my upcoming trip to Italia (yay- tomorrow! literally today), I sat down in a cafe and started to write.  The pen moved quickly, seemingly on its own, and, after transferring from Costa to Starbuck's (don't want to stay in one cafe too long!), I finally finished the first Canto of this super-long poem, all in one day!!  Canto I is 173 lines long, and contains the first part of a story about a fish named Fish who wishes for nothing in the world more than to be caught, cooked in a fine restaurant, and enjoyed as a delicacy by a human.  

I'm very excited about the project, and even more excited that it's happening so quickly!  It's like my hand is moving on its own, compelled by some outside force (oooooooohhhh) and writing poetry all by itself!!  Anywho, I may publish the canto here after I have a chance to edit it and clean it up a bit, so watch this blog!!!

Italiam fato profugus Laviniaque venio!

And yes, that is a complete destruction of Vergil's work, and yes, I did completely mess up the meter.  Auspicious sign for the quality of my own poetry? ...hmm....

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