Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hero BLOB XI recorded and BLOB 6 online!!!

Dear chicos and chicas,
Today, over a period of about 4.5 hours, Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion was recorded by an extremely talented team of voice actors and one awesome radio producer, Jonny Brick.

In celebration of that achievement and of the upcoming release (probably Friday night) of this most BLOBBY of shows, I've uploaded onto youtube today BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite, the most accomplished and impressive of the film versions of BLOB!!!

Starring Nicolas Nadeau and Schedel Luitjen, along with an impressive cast of supporting characters, this BLOB movie will knock your socks off, featuring the final battle between BLOB and Hag Lady Bobo, along with the introduction of fan favorite 'The Red Head' (as seen in The Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas). At an hour long, it's perfect to watch all the way through or to watch in several parts, or to watch OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY, whatever you choose. ENJOY!!!

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