Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hag Lady Bobo: COMPLETED!!!

Yes, dear ones, yes.  It's time... time to see the fruits of my four or five days of labor!!  Observe: HAG LADY BOBO!!!!!!

Follow this link to see the all-new, all-hag masterpiece from Schedel Luitjen, your favorite Hero BLOB creator.  For all of you timeline buffs, this takes place during the events of BLOB 8: Uchuu Ocho (as yet unfilmed), and serves as a link between the 'Hero BLOB' series and the 'Cloudman' series (and I will be uploading some Cloudman comics when I get home to Texas in a few days, so that those of you who want to see the glory of Cloudman can).

So anyway, this is just a draft, really, but I had to have it finished for its premiere at an art exhibition for the Yellerzine, a local art society's magazine.  Incidentally, the exhibition and magazine both featured material by me (Broken Vessel part 1 in the magazine, this movie at the exhibition) and by Brett Heasman (his newly written Socratic dialogue, which is hilarious!).  So it was like a nebulous reunion of the Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror cast members!

Anyway, the premiere was great, I got some good feedback, and I'm very glad I managed to make the movie in about four days!  Good to know, as well, that I can go without sleeping for 3 days straight!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!

PS You can also access it in the BLOBlinks section of the page, on the right!!---->

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