Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Dear Friends,
   Yes, it was another night without sleep, only this time I had much less reason.  I stayed up late with my flatmates watching stupid British music videos, all the while constructing my plasticine creations for the night's work.  Then, when all had abandoned this sphere for the realms of sleep, I began.  My picture count on my camera is well over 3000, I think, so that should mean that I took roughly around 1000 pics tonight (not sure about that, but hey).  I was really happy with how some of the final shots came out, as I was testing out a (to me) novel lighting technique which was inspired by Murnau and Gran Torino.  So anyway, God provides!  It turns out that I only need sleep every other day; I suppose this is the inevitable conclusion to my progressively deepening lack of the necessity of sleep over the last three years.  I think it was St. Antony, the Desert Father, who said that a good monk should need only an hour of sleep a night.  Perhaps I would make a good monk!  Can't wait to start my own monastery!!! (Maybe in Florence.  Or Sorrento.  Or on an island of Lake Victoria.  It would have to be somewhere warm, so that we wouldn't have to wear those ugly, huge robe things.  It's tunics or nothing (actually, that sounds dodgy.  I meant 'it's tunics or something else, but not a lack of clothes)).  Anyway...  some more pics on the way, maybe today!!

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