Monday, 23 March 2009

Did You Know? 3

I'm Schedel Luitjen, creator of Cloudman, BLOB, and Chicken Man, and co-creator of Maybe We Should Just Kill Ourselves (along with Nicolas Nadeau).  I'm studying Latin and Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, where I attend King's Church.  

My favorite foods are:

Tacos (from Taco Cabana en Tejas), particularly bean & cheese and beef fajita.
Laksa Noodles (from Kampong Ah Lee in Edinburgh).
Mongolian Beef (from Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant in San Antonio).

BEAN AND CHEESE NACHOS from Sarita's in San Antonio!!!!  Generally, I love nachos from anywhere in the world except Britain, but Sarita's nachos are the best, particularly with the distinctive Sarita's salsa!  Mmmmm, I wish I could eat them right now!!!!!!!

Anyway, there's a digression for you.  And now back to BLOB.

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