Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BLOB 11 Update!

I've been working more on BLOB 11 today, in Starbuck's on the Royal Mile.  I'm really happy with how it's going, and the plan for the plot is almost completely finished now!  I just introduced the Stable Boy, sure to become a fan favorite, and BLOB's 'mother', Valerie Normalsman.  I've also made some sketches today of what I want the stage to be like, so it should be a blast!  

But a new plan is forming; whether or not it will be accomplished is another question.  I think I'd like to film the play as though it were a live television filming- have 2 or 3 cameras going simultaneously, focusing on different characters, as the actors act out the scenes live, interspersed with cut-scenes of stuff impossible to do on stage.  If I can successfully market this as an 'Extraordinary' play at Bedlam, then I think I could pull it off, with the help of my talented friends in the biz.  And good ol' God, of course.  

Now where am I going to get a giant, BLOB-shaped bag of sand and a flamethrower??


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