Wednesday, 25 March 2009

BLOB 11 Update!

Oh my goodness, I have worked on BLOB 11 so much today, it's insane.  I spent the ENTIRE DAY after my early morning class working on this play whilst sitting in Starbuck's (and working on my Latin essay, of course!).  I've written several more scenes, and I've finalized the plotline I'm going to follow till the end.  There ended up being a few twists I didn't quite see coming, and I really like the way the thing is turning out.  I think I may finish it today or tomorrow, although I'm becoming sidetracked by working on my essay (due Monday!).  

I've included some rough illustrations in my script, which I may make into fully-fledged drawings sometime soon and post up here.  In the meantime, here's the lowdown on most of the dramatis personae:

BLOB (a.k.a. Hero BLOB, 'Bob Normalsman') - he's the same BLOB we all know and love, involved in a complicated scheme to defraud the government and avoid paying taxes while  still retaining the post of Space Sheriff that he got from Mayor Kettle in BLOB IX.

Chilipepperman- he's accompanying BLOB on his quest to return to Blobton and find his family.  One can imagine his annoyance when he becomes embroiled in BLOB's crazy plans.

Valerie Normalsman- matriarch of the wealthy Normalsman family, she loves buying Praba brand clothing, especially in black (she is a grieving widow, after all).

Stacy Normalsman- the youngest Normalsman sibling, with a bit of a thing for hot peppers...

Se~nor Zornington- a fat, possum-eatin' daddy in the Zornington family, who lives in a small shack across the street from the Normalsman mansion.

Blobette Zornington- a 'beautiful' girl that bears a striking resemblance to BLOB, and may bear a few feelings for him, as well...

Cyber-Mummy- no-one knows much about this abomination of circuits and bolts that stalks the swamps of Blobton.

Emanuhop Zornington- the Zorningtons' long-lost son; no-one knows what has become of him in the many years since his disappearance as a toddler.

Bob Normalsman- is BLOB really the long-lost Normalsman son?  Only time will tell.

So there you have it- a foretaste of the newest BLOB experience, BLOB 11: BLOB Family Reunion!!

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