Thursday, 26 November 2009

First Pictures: Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body!!

Dear friends: here are some photos, the first ever from my new movie, 'Hag Lady Bobo: Search for a Body'- enjoy!  And keep in mind, these photos are from before I completed the details on these stopmotion paper-cutouts, so they'll theoretically look better in the actual frames from the movie!!

This is Vincent VanTrovier, who features prominently in the movie, on the phone.

This is an early form of the TaskBaseShip, a spaceship from the film.

Hag Lady Bobo (Hag Form) and Penny VanTrovier/Nimbus

The HagSoul of Hag Lady Bobo; this is the form she has after the events of BLOB 6: Secret of the Blobtonite, when her body is destroyed.

Penny VanTrovier (maiden name Nimbus); she is essentially the star of the story.

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