Friday, 13 November 2009

Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen Online!!

Hey, everybody!  Interestingly, I've run into almost every cast member of the hit play, 'Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen' in the last two days, including Samuel J. Taunton ( who played doctor Doctor Von Blimpo in the play, and whom you may know as the voice of Vampire Blob in 'Taste the Blood of Vampire Blob!'), Ruth Appleby (Precious Jim, Mayor Stephen Kettle, Mad Flamethrower Person, Lucy the Paramedic Lady from the Streets of Havana), Martha McGill (Tuna Head, Die-Cotyledon), and Kate Roberts (the Red-Head), and, of course, myself, Schedel Luitjen (BLOB, Narrator, Joe Gooblegop, Rick McStanmyer).  So I thought, 'why not put that play on the internet?'  So I am doing that now.  It's in terrible quality, which I'm trying to fix, but for now, here it is in all its grainy quality!

Please note that the beginning of the play footage is from the dress rehearsal night (thus no laughter occurs here), and the rest is from the actual performance!

Here it is, available only on Veoh, because the file size was too big to put it directly on here.  I'm afraid you'll only be able to watch a 5-minute preview unless you become a Veoh member, but that's free, so I'd suggest that.

If anyone wants to download the full file without Veoh, they can just email me at , and I can post a link.

PS the opening titles song is from Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain, and is the property of Toei Corporation; I do not own it, nor did I make it.


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