Sunday, 17 July 2011

Announcement: BLOBNIBUS!!!

Dear Fans,
No real reason to keep it secret, so the BLOB's out of the bag! My new project I'm writing is called BLOBNIBUS. It's for (internet) radio, and it's an omnibus collecting new radio versions of BLOB's first three adventures!

Yesterday, I finished typing up the radio version of BLOB the Movie, now re-named 'the Combustible Crime Wave', and today I've been working on 'the Dastardly Deeds of Doctor Von Blimpo'!!

The radio versions do differ slightly from the originals, hopefully keeping things fun and fresh, while introducing new fans to the BLOB mythos for the first time!

My plan is to have a BLOBniverse-spanning series of radio plays, putting the entire BLOB 12-part saga on the air in a format that's easy on the ears and fun for all!

So BLOBNIBUS collects the events of BLOB the Movie, BLOB 2, and BLOB 3: Dance of the Spider Freak. Next will be BLOBNIBUS PART TWO, collecting the events of the previously unreleased BLOB 4, along with BLOB V: the Vampire Imperative. Then will come a radio-dramatized version of BLOB 6, the unreleased BLOB 7 and 8, a radio version of WRATH OF THE TUNA QUEEN, the unreleased BLOB X: Actaeon, the newly-completed radio BLOB 11: BLOB FAMILY REUNION, and finally the unreleased and ever-anticipated BLOB 12: SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY BLOB.

Is this excessively ambitious for a person who has a dissertation due in about a month? Yes, probably! But after the dissertation, while I'm desperately searching for a job to finance my existence, I'll have plenty of time to convert, re-write, or pen all of these adventures for your listening pleasure!

Watch this space for more updates and downdates on all your favorite things!


PS to whet your appetite, here's the special edition of the original BLOB the Movie, uploaded on the HeroBLOB Official youtube page by one of BLOB's greatest fans, Thomas!

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