Monday, 25 July 2011

Killer Brother and Hero BLOB XI Performances!!

Dear Students of the oft-lauded School of BLOB,
I am happy to announce a couple of upcoming projects that will be soon available on the web for your perusal and ENJOYMENT!!

Firstly, this Wednesday, I am going to record a reading of the newly re-edited and improved 'Killer Brother: Target Genesis' in six parts. This will be your first chance to experience this previously-unreleased work, one of my favorite ideas I've ever written!

Thrill along with Brother Matthew Beati, former hitman and current monk, as he travels back near to the beginning of time, to stop the Fall from ever occurring!! It will be a dramatic reading in 6 parts, available soon on !!!

Next, there will be the first-ever performance of Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion, in its radio-play format! It will be recorded on August 3 (in the midst of the ever-famous Edinburgh Festival), with a cast that so far includes me and the talents of Brett Heasman (Vampire Blob in Vampire Blob: Silent Fangs of Horror (2008)) and Martha McGill (whose unforgettable performance as Tuna Head lit up the stage in 2008's Hero BLOB IX: Wrath of the Tuna Queen)!!! Hero BLOB XI is sure to be a corker, and is my favorite of the BLOB series that I've written (mind you, the first six were never actually written and were simply improvised in the badly-missed methods employed by Nicolas Nadeau and me back in the heyday).

In Hero BLOB XI: BLOB Family Reunion, BLOB travels to the city of Blobton in Kentucky, encountering friends and foes alike as he discovers the secrets of his past and forges his way into a love for the future. Featuring Chilipepperman, too!!

So that's the big news for the day, and it's all thanks to the patronly kindness of Jonny Brick, proprietor of the blastocyst website (check it out on!!! The website has previously hosted a large amount of my BLOB-world-related poetry (available in the poesy section of his website), the Hero BLOB Christmas Special: BLOB's Magical Christmas, and an interview with me on various subjects! CHECK IT OUT NOWWWW!!!!

I'll update you on when you can expect to hear these beautiful stories performed online, my friends. Until then,
ever yours,

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